Mar. 8th, 2012


Mar. 8th, 2012 08:09 am
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The data set is finished and I've been running some basic analysis. I meet with Arvin today on that to get my variables all 'normal'. And I've been reading articles again which is nice since I haven't done that in so long. I also read a book, just for fun... it was nice. I think I may do that a bit more too.

Things are a bit better, at least on a general day to day productivity. I do get tired of the meltdowns. And with the stress being so high I'm feeling like I'm having more and more lately. I'm not tired all the time... at least I've started sleeping again. Though generally I need a lot less sleep than usual. This also isn't fabulous as I'm sure it will catch up. I honestly need to just take some time off. I need some time to shut down and reboot. Mom is coming out next week Thurs-Mon so I will have some "turn-off" time then. But I feel like I need more than that. My productivity is back to a decent level. But my emotional levels are still off. I'm easy to frustrate, agitate and anger. Generally I'm doing well, and can appear to be a functional human, but I'm not ... me. And I'm getting really tired of it. I feel like I'm constantly on burn-out/rebound mode. I burn out... break down... keep going. I'm getting tired of this cycle. Especially since it seems the cycles are getting shorter and shorter between burn-outs.

I really need to take some time. We have a deadline in April. Both Kate and I have massive due dates around April 20th. Basically I have to have the first draft of my 1st Dissertation paper completed. Following that, we both go home to Cullen's graduation, a 4 day trip.  I am not really excited about that one since I will mostly be at Kate's parents. That is fine, but not necessarily a low stress environment emotionally for me. Physically its low stress. Emotionally, it depends.

When we get back, I'll have to start working on the second paper... another really fun time to be had. I have to have that one basically completed (data and paper written to the method section) by July. I don't know how I'm gonna do that one, but I guess I will.  The data set shouldn't be nearly as exhaustive so that is good. But I will have May, June and July to basically "finish" paper 2. Fun times. G-d help me. I guess the only saving grace is that I have most of August "off"... I doubt I will work much that month. I have a conference... but then I'll be in MI...  I just have to make it until then...


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