Mar. 14th, 2012

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My dataset is finished and I've run the analysis. It wasn't as "pretty" as I'd hoped and I basically have had to re-frame the paper.  Thankfully I gathered a lot of extra variables and one of them turned out for me. I can still use a similar framework on the paper, but a lot needs to change. I'm now basically waiting on my committee to confirm the changes in direction of the paper and then will move forward on it. In the meantime, I feel a bit lost. This in turn makes me completely lose motivation. Even getting out bed in the morning has been tough for the past 2 weeks as I simply don't enjoy this phase in the project. I think part of this is burn-out. I pushed myself so hard to on the damn dataset, that as I neared he end, I started to feel extremely sluggish and all I want to to do is everything Not related to work. I just want to take awhile to stop thinking and escape.

Thus, timing may be perfect for my Mum to come visit. She flies into Walla Walla tomorrow night and we are taking Thursday night-Monday morning to play and explore wineries all around the city/region. I'm really hoping this is exactly what I need since I have a deadline for a 400-word summary on the paper due next Wednesday. Also, today is Sushi day. My friend Todd (a 1st year PhD) used to be a sushi chef. He is going to teach me from start to finish how to make sushi. I'm quite excited. Particularily to learn how to cut the fish as I know this is a critical component. (I've rolled sushi before with veggies.)  Thus, between these two events, I hope to get a bit of rejuvenation.

I have read a few papers related to the topic and will start on my annotated bibilography next week. Today, I've decided to work on my homework for the survey class, then I go in to meet with my prof. on the paper. At 2, I go make sushi.
Tomorrow I will likely work on the summary/literature review, and pack for Walla Walla. Kate should arrive home around 5 and we hopefully can pack up the car and leave asap.


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