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I'm really tired lately, yet can't seem to sleep either. I am fully aware that I am hitting another minor burn-out point. I haven't taken a day off of work in probably a good month now. Well... there was the exception a few weeks ago when Kate and I cleaned all day, but I'm not sure that counts as a day "off".  The problems is not so much the working, but that whenever I'm not working I'm thinking about work. For the past 5 days I have been waking up somewhere between 2-4am and all I can think about is the data set; what do I need to do next; how will I calculate X, etc. The problem is that the deadline, by which I have to have a completed my analysis and written a 1 page summary for the Babson Conference, is quick approaching.

Today, I took this morning and helped Paradise Creek bottle their first (ever!) batch of beer. It was only about 4 hours and it was nice to do something completely different for a change. I spent the morning boxing, stamping and taping beer cases. I then took myself out to eat and walked home. I've decided to skip class and I think just take a "sick" day... I don't want to go anywhere or do anything for at least a few more hours. I may work later, or at least plan (which is more likely) exactly what I need to do yet on this data set. I know I need the time. Yesterday it took me 4 (distracted) hours to complete the last 20 data points... (this is about 2x longer than usual). So I know I need some rejouvenation time otherwise my work quality will continue to deteriorate and thus work time increases. A bad combination.

I think I'm gonna curl up in bed, watch a movie, and just chill now.
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