Mar. 1st, 2012 11:58 am
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Breathe....I need to remember to breathe.
I just looked over an assignment for my survey class. Overwhelm. I'm simply at my office trying not to cry.

I don't know how to do this... No.. rephrase. I can do this. The content of the project is not so difficult. It's the quantity. I have to redesign a 12 page survey in a graphical layout, plus write a cover, postcard and thank you for the survey. I recieved teh assignment a week ago but refused to look at... I think knowing how time consuming it will be (and knowing I had no time to work on it yet). We have 3 weeks. But I don't have 3 weeks. I barely have time to breathe... which is difficult right now even.  I actually think I'm having a panic attack... sitting at my office cubical.  Great. I took a xanex. I wrote the instructor. I'm forcing myself to go into action mode, while still in panic mode. I just have no idea how I'm going to do this.

In addition to my data set which must be completed an analyzed by March 20, I also have to collect data for a project with Doug/Dustin which has the same deadline. That doesn't include my class work. I did not expect an assignment this big. He never gave any indication that the assigments would be this consuming. I know I technically have time if I didn't have the other projects. But I do. This assignment is huge. And if this is huge, the final exam is going to be worse. I'm buggered (to use a "vulgar" term).


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