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Ok so taking a moment. This week has been really busy as I've been working towards a deadline (tonight at midnight). I've worked on this project for 65 hours since last Sunday (and sunday was only a few hours). By tonight, I think I'll easily have 70 after final proofing and making final changes. We pushed really hard to make this happen and basically, other than data collection and analysis, I wrote a paper in a week. I also had read all of the literature so it was pure writng. I now have my first dissertation paper completed. Whew!

Next, (after taking tomorrow off) I will revise my 2nd paper. I actually have a full draft and analysis of this paper already completed but my advisor requested some changes and some additonal data. The data is collected and all I have to do is the analysis but in order to propose, all I need to have completed is the front end (theory and hypothesis). Since I don't really want to know my results, and it will take me several days to conduct the analysis, I've decided to only do what is required to propose before I propose on June 27th.

In addition to paper 1 (completed) and paper 2 (front end completed) I have to write a "thought paper" which basically is a 7-8 page paper (double spaced with references) discussing what I want to for paper 3 including theory, data, etc.  Considering I have part of the data collection completed, that shouldn't be too bad. However, the catch is that if my paper doesn't come out or isn't good enough, then I will likely switch that paper with another idea that I plan on pursing at the same time. (My month in Michigan (August) will likely be a combination of job search and data collection for that paper).  So it's looking pretty good. I hope to have my first paper ready to go to a journal by the end of this summer, and should have my second paper completed too, though perhaps still in final editing before sending it for submission. Not a bad deal. I'm also handling stress a lot better lately too. I think knowing that I have things lined up has helped.

Focus for June and July:
Work on job application materials, particularily getting my research stream conceptualized and creating documents to present when interviewed in August.  :)

Oh, I also found out that I can apply for the Kauffman Dissertation Fellowship program, even though I'm pursing a 3-paper format. I can use 1, 2, or 3 papers from my dissertation to apply.
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