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The past few weekends have been a whirlwind. Kate and I have not been home, alone, for the past 3 weeks, and keep in mind that for 2 out of the 3 weekends before that (in June) I was traveling to Texas or Connecticut. The last weekend in June, Kate and traveled to Seattle. We left Friday around 3 and returned Sunday evening. We visited Michaela and her family, went to Pikes Place and bought fish and scallops for our anniversary (July 3 = 1 year *grin*). I also found a suit for me to wear for interviews at Nordstrom and had it tailored and shipped back to Pullman. (600 miles)

The next weekend, (July 5-9) Nikki & Mark came to visit. That was both really awesome and exhausting. I've decided that dealing with other people's drama is not something I miss. But other than that, we had a blast. We hiked Kamiak Butte, went farming at Topsanna's farm, and hiked Palouse Falls. I actually put work away 98% of the time (I had to deal with students as needed) from Thursday afternoon to Monday afternoon. (275 miles)

Last weekend, we once again did the whirlwind drive vacation. Kate and I got off of work on Friday at 6:00pm. We packed and left Pullman by 7:30 and drove 8 hours to the Oregon County Fair (near Eugene). We arrived at 3:30 am and were up and at the fair by 7am. The OCF is basically a really big Rennesance Fair (think hippy and steam punk instead of Midieval and you got it) in the Oregon woods. It was very kewl to see but I think once is enough. The shops are awesome but it's so packed with people that it's simply overwhelming after awhile. Thankfully, Patrick (our landlord) had gotten us Worker Day passes so we were able to get in at 7 instead of 11 when the doors open and thus see much of gounds w/o the shoulder to shoulder people density.   

We left the fair at 3:30 and traveled to Florence, Oregon, a costal city (45 min west) to meet Patrick et al for dinner. Then we headed back east another 2.5 hours to car-camp near Cougar Hot Springs.  While we did nearly run out gas (yes I did it again... or nearly so) we found a campsite by luck which was w/in five miles a gas station. We arrived at late Dusk, around 9pm. So we crashed and got gas when the station opened that morning at 8am. 

After assuring Kate we were fine and not trapped in the middle of no where (and had gas) we went to Cougar Hot Springs near Three Sisters, Oregon. The Hot Springs were wonderful and a much needed point of relaxation. Finally, we headed to Bend to visit Deschutes Brewery, then headed home. (1100 miles)

So overall, (and not including my travels to TX and UConn) We traveled aproximately 2000 during the past 3 weekend. Next weekend the goal is to stay home, with the possibilty of going to Spokane for another suit for my interviews. And yes... the goal now is to rest. :)   I leave for Boston on August 2, then head to Michigan while I wait for "baby" to arrive.  By the end of August, I will have traveled to Texas, Connecticut, Seattle, Oregon, Massachussetts, and Michigan... (not including Idaho since that doesn't really count being only 8 miles away)    .... 6 states, 3 conferences, 2 visitors, and 1 trip home....


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