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This morning Erica woke up in rare form. I'm not sure if she slept too much or what, but it was annoyingly cute. This morning, she starts just singing/humming Sesame Street like tunes and decides to take command of nature as she drives. It was a cute combination of command and jest. She's been this way lately. Actually, we've been much more 'of the adoring' as of late. I think we're both really appreciating eachother's companionship and partnership. So often I look at her and think about how lucky I am and how lucky we are. It's a very nice place to be in.

We've also been talking about families, and creating our own. We have a lot to discuss and learn but we are strongly considering adopting a child in the next 2-3 years. We've decided to start saving (as it is quite expensive) after this next "big trip" and when re-designing the upstairs, looking at creating a kid's bedroom (which will serve as a "play-room" until the appropriate time.) We have several big expenses to prepare for when it comes to remodeling, and the upstairs is the primary factor. I think the next big thing is to put out feelers to help us decide how to approach this whole adoption thing. I know that there are no counties that let openly gay couples adopt, and some countries (including China) make you sign a contract stating that you're heterosexual. Erica's big thing is that she will not start out our child's life by lying. She has one hell of a lot of integrity and I certainly can't be one to compromise it. I want to find a gay-friendly adopting agency to work with and to help us. And, I don't care if I have to travel out state to find them. I know we won't be able to be completely open about the adoption by both of us, but I also am not going to go so far as to lie, or leave one of us at home just to create the image of heterosexuality. Both of us can pull off the "look" of being straight and I'd be happy to Erica my "friend" or "roommate" but I know we're gonna have to find somewhere to help, and find some people who have done this before. So that's the new quest.


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