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 I'm currently listening to two new audiobooks: Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert, and Noughts and Crosses by Malorie Blackman. The first one is a non-fiction and very much a spiritual and life journey type of book, while the second is a fiction that takes place in modern day England but society and social structure is changed more to refect desegregation in the U.S. in Alabama 1963...except the ruling class is black (Crosses) and the former slave class is white. It's also a love story of two people of different classes. So far, I'm liking both books a Lot. It's a nice balance to listen to both too.. cause the non-fiction is very deep spiritually, while the fiction challeges society and cultural components.
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*smile* I loved Jonny 5... (in case anyone got that reference...)

Every once in awhile I crave multiple input, or rather, decide to read a ton of books all at the same time and skip from one to one... Funny, but I have issues eatting more than one food item at a time, yet mentally I completely do the cluster fcuk. This week I'm back into this mode and so far i have read or am reading the following:

-Harry Potter 5 (self explanatory)
-Twilight Children by Tory Hayden (child psych documentary): Finished on Monday
-5 Chimneys (True story of a women who survived Auschwitz)
-Physik (young adult fantasy): Finished Sunday
-My first white friend (black education)
-HP 7 (begins Friday at midnight. *grin*)

Ongoing books:
-GMAT (test prep)
-Holocaust Chronicle

On a totally different note... I got nailed by several throws last night in softball... and I have not a single bruise which is amazing seeing as I got nailed on the shin! Today my wrists ache a bit (not really related to softball) and my shoulder is a bit poppy. But I'm pretty happy nonetheless. :)


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