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I met Paul in 1998... he had moved into town and got a job at the local coffee shop, Wanna Grind, where Dadra & I hung out frequently. Eventually, he came into some roommate issues, and like many others, he moved into my mom's house for awhile... I was in and out of the state, in Boston and Europe. I think he lived at mom's for over 6 months... maybe even longer... Paul had met a girl on the internet, Ros, from Austrailia. While he was at mom's she came to visit... the visit became permanent... *smile* and mom always said that her house was like a 'love nest' for the two... They eventually moved out, got married, moved to Seattle (where much Paul's father was) and then in recent years, moved to back to Australia, to Ros' family. They had four children... two boys and two girls...

I found out that Paul died two days ago... 

He had an asthma attack and was unable to get assistance in time. 

Paul is a figure of my past... a dynamic and wonderful personality, with a smile that couldn't be denied... and I know he was great father. I feel sad that his children will barely remember him.  I'm glad Ros is in Australia, as I know she has her family to support her. And I know she will be ok. Her strength and faith will help her to get through this. 

Paul Carey, you will be missed... by even those who you knew for such a short time.   


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