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I spent the weekend in Kanasa City for a wedding of a very old friend that I haven't seen since I was around 12 or 13 years old. It was an amazing time. I caught up with old friends and made so many new that it was just awesome.

Friday... 'twas a rough start to the weekend as I got to the airport to find out there was a complication with my reservation... I didn't have one. Apparently there was a problem with my credit card (I'd lost my wallet the day after the reservation and apprently they tried to charge it after I'd closed the acct.) I never received any notice that my reservation had been canceled... so 3 hours and an additional $285 later I was a on a flight to Kansas... Let's just say that 2.5 hours of sleep, an hour of "holding" while Orbitz tried to help me. (They didn't... the offered me a $25 voucher to make up for the "inconvenience".) And trying to figure out how I was gonna get to Kansas... that's fun. (But I didn't bit my nails. So yay for something.) Mom later called Orbitz and got farther than I did... as my boss... because I'd missed a business meeting because of all that... love my mummy! ;) The thing was...yes I should have verified my flight 24 hours in advance, which I didn't... but I never received ANY notification that there was a problem. So that just... sucked... But thankfully, that was the only bad part of the trip... so it was good to get it over with. :)

I did miss going to the gardens where the wedding was being held to scope out the place for the video... but ended up wandering the city for a while, and just decompressed... I just needed to release the emotional stress of the day, not to mention just the 9 hours of travel/airport hell. Eventually I found my way to the location of Farrel's Loft where the BBQ was to be held. (there was no rehersal dinner...instead they just had a bbq for family & friends...about 100 ppl on the roof of the loft building.) I walked out on the door to the roof and Caskey yelled "Tera!" and jumped up and gave me a hug. That was just awesome. He was just fun. I hung out with Caskey and a small group of his friends for several hours before the rest of the guest arrived. Caskey has been teaching English in Taiwan for 4 years and comes home this January... he did all that, just to learn Chinese and wants to eventually become an ex-patriot in China for some major company... and he could do it. It's funny because neither Farrel or Caskey have changed much since I knew them so many years ago. I felt like family... and I haven't felt that welcome in a long time...

Phyllis, Farrel & Caskey's mom arrived on the rooftop. She came up to me and stuck out her hand and said "I'm Phyllis." I laughed and said, "I know." Caskey just said... "Mom... LOOK at her!" She laughed in recognition and hugged me. Later I met up with Farrel & Loring (Orange). Farrel recognized me immeditely while Orange took second. It was such a nice... casual... and truely welcome, reunion.

The wedding on Saturday was at 10am in Paole (sp) Gardens outside of Kansas City. It was an amazing day. The chapel was all glass (which unfortunately did make the lighting difficult) and showed out across a small pond and tons of green... it was stunning. After the wedding the weather, which has been cool (cold in my world), cleared up and was absolutely *perfect* for the pictures... tons of flowers and adorable pictures were taken...including one of the Bride & Groom running from T-Rex...who was in the garden!

We finished the photos/video at around 3pm... I was SO tired and my feet are NOT accustomed to heels... Yes... I went trecking through gardens in heels... not wise. Dad & I stopped at a winery on the way home (didn't really like anything there...) and I got back to the hotel, preped for the evening... and crashed/napped for a few hours.

The reception format was unlike any wedding I'd been to. They had an open buffet from 7-midnight and top shelf liquor and alcohol during the whole time... I stayed sober til about 10:30-11:00 and then (when I knew my job was completely over) had lots of Corona. ;) I talked to several people, including Erinch, another adopted family member and amazing artist. I may see about some sort of commissioned work from her...she's amazingly abstract and surrealist. I also spent a lot of time talking to a older couple who were into scuba diving... like 720 dives worth of diving! Wow! They were so cute... and had Tons of stories to tell about their adventures all over the world! I realized that even though Leon, Iowa was a really small town... (like twice the size of Hillman...maybe) the people there are not always what you expact... Farrel & Michelle were awesome, and a really cute couple. Orange said the Michelle is the first person, male or female, who could control Ferrel. *smile* He was really toasted by the end of the party... oh yeah... and he totally traumatized my dad! He kissed him! My dad was freaking out and saying.. there was tongue! It was hilarious!

After the party, Phyllis, Orange, Dad, Caskey, a few others & I all sat down at a table and just chilled. We then went up for a night cap (or glass of wine in my case) at Orange/Phyllis' room. It was just... like family... or maybe even better... because they aren't...which makes it all the more special.

The next day we got up and watched the present opening and then met Gammie for brunch. She locked her keys in her house so it was a bit later. I really wasn't put out at all... but she was so self-critical about it all... right as dad & I had successfully broken into her window and I was about to climb in, the maintenance guy arrived. So I didn't have to get dirty (the window area was wicked dusty) but also didn't get to commit breaking and entering... *sigh*

We also loaded a ton of stuff from her place... old antiques ane memoirs... dad & I are gonna go through all that this weekend on Saturday. We drove through the night and arrived home at 5am this morning.


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