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Today I moved... a lot.  I helped [profile] enigma1434move, and then went back to Owosso and got a lot moved out of my house... I called mom on the way and asked for her I really don't think its a great idea to be there alone as I just get emotionally overwhelmed way too easily. I was also in a very 'on task' mood today and knew it would be a good day to do so... even though it was entirely unplanned. So... much more is moved out. This is good.  I have to get things out of there soon... esp since Kate is supposed to move in soon, at the end of the month. We worked out a scenario where basically she gets month to month rent, and we get to reduce our mortgage for a few months. Kate needed a place to stay and since she's working in Owosso, it makes sense. Also, since she's going back to school she couldn't sign a year or even 6 month lease (esp since it costs so much more with only a 6 mo lease) and we are able to go month to month. The only catch is... if the house sells within the next few months, she'll have to find something else that works, so it's a bit of a shot in the dark on her part... and I honestly still really want the house to sell. That is the goal in anycase... but if it doesn't... we at least can afford it a bit more... 

I know I need the break financially... and it's gonna allow me to pay more off on my credit. My goal is to go back to school next year...and I can't do that with either the house or the debt since I'll be living on a students income... So I have to get this taken care of... now.   

So basically... keep your fingers crossed.



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