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 At 5:15 today I got a phone call from my client. I was on another line so let him ring to voicemail. Mom was actually on her way to see him and I knew she'd be there shortly. I call my voicemail 2 minutes later and a somewhat shaky voice say, "Tera, this is [patient]. I need you to call me. It's about your mom. It's really important." I immediately called him back and went to voicemail. Called mom... went to voicemail... at this point my heart is racing and I'm thinking "don't freak out" and could only think that she was ok...meanwhile my imagination is thinking she had a horrible accident outside his house or something...  Finally... about 10 minutes later... (Ten very LONG minutes)... I got ahold of mom.  (Interal thought 'ok she's alive') External thought "are you ok?" 

Turns out the clients dog attacked and bit my mom. She was able to drive and I met her at Perry Urgent Care where she got 5 stitches on the top of her hand, and 2 on at the base of her middle finger. 

Things ended up getting really light though, and we were laughing and telling stories with another lady in the Urgent Care waiting room... and the staff was awesome, as was the doctor. So mom is fine and all is well... Though I am sorely in need of glass of wine and we'll be opening a bottle shortly. *smile* 
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Yesterday was just fun! 
I ended up taking the day off work due to several personal appointments. I had an early morning apt with my homopathic doctor, Dr. Page. I officially have a clean bill of health from both my doctors (the M.D. and the homepathic dr). Yeah!!! finally after 2 years... my system in finally out of wack. This made me happier than I could even express.   I then took my car into the dealership to see about its idoling so low in the morning... basically it wouldn't do it, so I have to leave it there overnight sometime.  My counceling apt went really well too. Yeah! Basically I'm finally not "handling" life... but planning it... much less reactive and more just enjoying and planning (proactive I guess)... it's a nice change. I have more control about what is going on and how things affect me. It's a very good place to be.

Softball rocked! I actually got a base hit...AND didn't get anyone else out!  wOOt!!!! So geeked!  I also did a good job catching.  While the ball did manage to stay away from my face, my knee took one hell of a hit. The bruise isn't bad... but it hurt (and still hurts a bit) like a bitch. It was worth it though. I got to play the whole game too... which was really kewl. We lost the game 12-8, but we did really well and some great hits.  And we have the best fans in the world!  They actually made me loose complete concentration at one point! I can't even imagine the look on my face. ;)

After the game, 1/2 the team went out to the 5. I officially (and with permission) renamed Kate to Kāt (pronouciation the same, just different spelling) and She & I were quite the trouble-makers. ;)  We talked about a wide arrange of things, pasts, life, people... We watched the lesbians on parade... (There were some cute ones even...) And I even convinced her she needed to catch because I get the best view on the field. ;)  I won't trade though...*grin*  We also decided on clothes for the next practice... *grin* this will be fun. 

I finally got home around midnight and got a text from Erica. She was ok... there are still so many changes we are adjusting to... and while I'm glad we didn't talk, but just text messaged, it was a good conversation. 

Things are good. I am good. There is still much to be done... but it's really nice that things are finally "good" again.

Sinus Ick

Jan. 22nd, 2007 05:00 pm
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I feel like ass today; though a functioning one. This morning I went to Bakers Lofts in Holland to see the project completed. Wow. Beautiful stuff! But on the way home my sinuses just kept getting worse and worse. Currently I'm to the tearing up and painful rendition. I think I'll be skipping Sistrum tonight.


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