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I currently have a very calm weekend ahead of me. Should be nice. Holiday was fun much more social than I even could have anticipated! Wednesday night I went out and Thursday I got down with my pie-making self and made 2 wicked good pies! Go me for never using a recipe and making an amazing berry pie *smile*

Today I worked a bit, shopped a bit (no not the evil but rather enjoyable shopping experience) and chilled with mom. So far, I'm not complaining.

Oh, I also got another draft of my essay completed and shipped it off to Casey to reveiw. Next stop is Nadyne, and then perhaps a few others to help with final proofing. It's making a lot of headway. And the really nice thing is that once this is done, I can basically get most of my essays and apps out there. AND I was uber productive last Wednesday and requested all my transcripts. :) (Honestly one of the hardest parts.) So... I'm making my way... we'll just see where I land.
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Wanted to say an official thank you (cause I suck at letters) to [profile] warsop for the birthday/christmas gift. I just got the book today, and the CDs came right before I left. I love Vienna Teng and Rachel Sage is pretty neat. I think Erica will really like the other CD (forgetting the name totally atm). Also wanted to thank [profile] enigma1434 for both the christmas gift and coming over to spend new years with us.  [profile] enid37, Mike, Kate & Rachel all led to one of the best new years I think I've ever had. Casey and Lindsay also played games and that was awesome.  [profile] misslydia and Ben, thanks for the card!  We have our hutch covered in more cards than I think I've ever received! [profile] xisted and [profile] gvmage thanks for coming over for our "friends christmas" and supplying the cookies and lovely decorations which were a highlight at our family christmas.  [profile] femmecandle and [profile] hardfemmediva thanks for being you! While we missed you over the holidays, you both were in our thoughts!
[profile] marandamay I hope to see you more this year!
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I did a New Year Review last week. In all, it was 8 typed pages and took me about the same in hours... But the summary was a lot shorter. :)


Overall, the first half of the year was highly stressful both personally and professionally. After August, things smoothed out significantly. Sistrum (the second half) and Adapted Aquatic were sources of additional stress that I found ways to escape and step down. Social changes were a big thing. We ended up expanding our social crowd to many new friends in Lansing and from Sistrum. It was a good expansion.  My health and weight were very frustrating for most of the year, but finally, in October, and with Erica and Mom’s help, I started to address both of these. EuroKur is moving in several directions. I don’t know which direction it will take in 2007 but it is moving which is good. RFI is busy though I didn’t have many patients. I hope that 2007 lets me work more as I do miss Lisa in particular.  I caught up with several old friends including Danika from Boston which was great. I skipped my 10 year HS reunion and am still comfortable with that move. The house is now quite livable and I can honestly say I love my home. China has been both a delight and a lot of work. We have a lot more work to do but I’m hoping that we can help her calm down and listen more. The cats were quite difficult, especially TigerLily. I know we made the right decision letting her go, but I still hate that we had to do it. Now the other cats are actually getting along with China and even playing with her on occasion. Casey is well and I had the unusual opportunity to help him in school with Macroeconomics. It was a really nice experience and he passed the class with flying colors in the end. That was awesome.  Mom has been busy. But that’s typical. She’s managed to slow down a few times, but the travel has been difficult. I know the iPod has helped and I’m glad we found that. Erica is off to a new start next year… with a very good chance she’ll get a job at her internship. This is exceedingly exciting and she’s comfortable with this change. The transition from school to the ‘the real world’ was difficult for her.  Quitting her job at the Palace after 10 years was a big step. Our finances have a been a bit stressful at times but the fact that we’ve been able to get by on just my salary and her intern hourly pay definitely makes me feel confident that no matter the future, we’ll be ok.  I do look forward to her “full salary” when we can start to pay off bills and credit cards, and my mom. Mom has helped us extensively this year. Because of her help we were able to travel, buy art and at some points, pay our bills. While I am exceedingly grateful, I am also excited to finally have money in the bank and some financial security.  I know 2007 will continue on this path of health and know that no matter if Erica gets this job or finds one elsewhere, we will be good. Not a bad ending… and great beginning.


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