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Last week I made a last minute decision. I decided on Wedesday night that I was going home... and left Thursday evening. It was the best decision I could have made. I needed my family and friends. I needed intense socialization... And I got it. The travel fairies were with me and instead of arriving in DTW at 1pm, I was able to get a direct flight from Seattle and arrived at 6am. This involved a midnight phone call to Kate requesting a pickup within a few hours. (Kate had agreed to pick me up which allowed mom to still take patients.) Kate was actually gonna be working that day... but since Kate still works for mom... there is a lot of flexibilty in her schedule ;)  Friday a wonderful and calm start to my weekend... (barring the guy who attempted-and partially succeeded- in a killing spree that morning). I saw a movie and went out to eat with Mom, Dadra, and Kate, then played Keno at the Korner Pub.

Saturday was the BBQ of Doom sponsored by Nikki & Jim. We drove up the driveway and Nikki was so surpised to see me that she lept over the charcoal grill (which was on) and nearly tackled me to the ground. She was so excited... and it was such a beautiful welcome home.

The BBQ of Doom equates to tons of beer, late night wrestling, and extreme croquet. (Definition of extreme croquet? It starts on the roof of the garage and you have to get the ball through the wicket as it rolls over shingles and off the roof... it's kinda like plingo. The next wickets involve rolling the ball up a child's slide, over a mud pit, up a rug and over a wheel barrow... and let's not forget the "sprint around the house" part...basically.. it's a wonderful and crazy game). Casey came and hung out which was also really nice.

Sunday mom took (a barely awake) me to the airport and I was gone by 7am. It was a whirlwind... but truely an amazing one. I feel refreshed. I feel like I can not only do the work I need to do, but I can mentally comprehend it. I have a lot of work to do, but I believe that I can manage my time well and will do well this week. I feel like... I got a reboot.

And I needed it..

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So far this weekend has been beautiful. The weather is amazing. (Yet today I've not managed to get out yet... hmm.) 
Friday was dinner an "educational" movie: "Undercover Brother." Leared that Vermicilli (sp?) is never worth the effort and rice is a good. Next time... rice it is! 

Satruday, bright and early, was sistrum, followed by a long road trip to A2... Long because of heavy construction, taking a nap mid-way there, and getting lost in a detour... I got to  

[profile] enigma1434's house around 4:30...  We grabbed food and she introduced me to Chipotle for dinner, which was pretty good. We then ran some errands at Whole Food's and Trader Joes. I got tons of cheap wine for the wine party... (Basically the wine you break out after everyone is already drunk enough not to care anymore.) Always a good thing to have on stand-by. :)  We then went back to her place and I basically got a TON of clothes! Yeah for happy happy Teras! I don't need to go shopping for a very long time for anything but jeans. And yeah for camis! *quite geeked*  We headed out for Rachel's birthday party at Leopold's in A2. Interesting place. Tons of board games. Fun! We played Sorry! while others played Connect Four and Guess Who? Stouder was there and it's always nice to see him. Apparently he may even be at the Wine Party... He and Rachel talked about carpooling. So yeah!  Rachel's gather was a nice success. We finaly got a table big enough for us all and it was fun. I left around 11 as I was starting to feel like I "could" get tired...  I made it home around 12:30 which was decent timing. 

This morning, I woke up at 9am but stayed in bed until 11... It was so nice to 1- actually SLEEP and 2- not have to get out of bed for awhile. I needed that after so much goings on this week... Next week is just as busy. Time to boost my immune again. :)  David, Rose and Kayden (who is nearly 3 mo.) called and stopped by at 11:30. It was a nice visit. We chatted for awhile and they invited me over for dinner sometime. *smile* I have laundry going and plans to possibly go play catch with Leah... It's really too nice to stay inside so I'll likely call her and make plans (they have been tenative). Right now, I'm going to go through a bunch more clothes and perhaps get rid of some more that are going to be too big...



Apr. 18th, 2007 12:36 pm
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I just ordered DSL into my home!!! I decided to go for the slower speed (768kbs - instead of the 3M) and ordered "Dry-loop" since it didn't require a phone line and was the cheapest option to get it into the house. It's also about 1/2 the price of the faster service and right now that's worth it. It's still faster than dialup though it will be quite a bit slower than work. (ok A LOT slower... but I think I can deal.)

In anycase... I'll not only have a new computer today! I also will get to take my old computer home AND will get DSL next week. :) *happy*


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