Jan. 28th, 2010 07:28 am
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Thursday, Jan 28th, 2010 -- You may be digging in your heels and holding out for what you need, but the final outcome of your current strategy is not dependent on you being stubborn now. In fact, your inflexibility can complicate things and push you even farther away from your destination. Don't be so sure that you know what you want. The more you remain open to compromise now, the better you'll feel about the situation.
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Today's horoscope:
Steer clear of philosophical debates today, for you might actually be dialoging with yourself, and not with others. Oddly enough, it may be hard to tell which side of the question you are supporting. It's not that you are flipping back and forth on the issue; it's just that every argument sounds sensible to you now. Still, you must make up your mind and stick with it. End your indecisiveness and choose now.

Funny how things work out. I woke up and my decision was made though... I really am truely tired of the crazy and the last thing I want/need is to invite that back into my life. I like the space I am in...it's stable and moving forward. I'm glad I'm choosing not to move backwards. Interesting how quickly thoughts came and specifically went from my mind. Decisons are good and I'm glad that I'm finally able to make the right ones for me... not the self-destructive ones.


Feb. 4th, 2009 03:15 pm
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Wednesday, Feb 4th, 2009 -- You are a bundle of contradictions these days. Although you have an uncharacteristic sense of emotional detachment now, your feelings are profoundly deep, giving you a sharp perspective on what's happening. You won't likely let others know about your internal process today, for you're not really seeking anyone else's point of view. Nevertheless, a conversation with a close friend is still a good idea, even if it's simply for the camaraderie.

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An intense Full Moon in chatty Gemini on Friday kicks off a dynamic weekend of emotional highs and lows. A tendency to go too fast or too far can shake up an existing relationship or kick down the door to a new one. Stay open minded and flexible to avoid getting thrown in a whirlwind of change, leaving you feeling lost instead of loved.

For the Week of Dec 8th, 2008 -- You are not the indecisive type, but it may be a challenge to focus your feelings and act on them this weekend. Your ruling planet Mars is popping off like a firecracker, spinning you through changing moods and events without your usual sense of control. Going with the flow isn't easy but it's not as hard as trying to stop it.

I went with the flow... the flow won't kill me... but it certainly is painful.

And Onward

Oct. 21st, 2008 10:13 am
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Tuesday, Oct 21st, 2008 -- You may be in a state of high anticipation, for the Sun's supportive sextile to intense Pluto can put your feelings on edge. You have been on a magical mystery tour, but now it's time to settle down and make crucial decisions about your path ahead. But you cannot push the process any faster than it's going, so set your frustrations aside and connect with others while you can.


Oct. 10th, 2008 08:18 am
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Friday, Oct 10th, 2008 -- Although your friends and co-workers know how intense you can get, they still may not be prepared for the speed at which you shift gears today. But then again, you could even take yourself by surprise as your mood wavers and you reverse your direction for no apparent reason. There's no need for complicated explanations; your feelings are what they are and won't change just because you think you should be rational.

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I just did a yearly astrology report... turns out... that August, September and October (though even less in October) are all pretty intense months astrologically. Then things calm down completely until January. I started it as of Aug 08 and it goes until July 09. It's interesting because Pluto (the planet of transformation) is active in August and early October, Saturn (challenges) is really active in September, Jupiter (opportunities) is active Aug-October, then January-March. The rest, Mars, Venus and the moon are all active throughout the year... but I find it interesting that so much is going on right now... If anything, it says that I know that the best time for me to take my exams truely is November.  


Nov. 16th, 2007 09:55 am
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Just for fun...

Chapter 1. The Sun

 Your Sun is conjoined with Uranus.

It is very probable that you experienced the Uranian dimension between earth lives. Almost certainly the most influential of the latter was your lifetime in ancient Atlantis. Combined with your soul sojourn in Uranus, the unusual in all forms -- especially entertainments such as sci-fi and science fantasy -- are likely to be of special interest to you.

An extremist at times, you are exceptional, eccentric, peculiar to others and last but definitely not least, a classic Atlantean and Aquarian Age individualist. Being strong-minded to the point of too much self-sufficiency at times is also a description which applies to you.

Chapter 2. The Moon

Your Moon is in an inharmonious pattern with Mercury.

You have high mental abilities, yet your temperament may be high-strung, restless or nervous. Your subconscious mind and emotions may have a tendency at times to override common sense and rationality. Also, you may frequently find yourself enduring unnecessary personal hardships as a result of saying things which are not as well thought out as you wished they had been.

Therefore, all forms of gossip and criticizing others should be avoided at all costs. This will be like bread cast upon the waters which returns to you either for your own undoing or for your correction. It is additionally likely that when you find yourself the object of criticism or controversy, your speaking against others in past lives -- particularly in your previous life -- is coming back to you for healing and forgiveness in the present. More specifically, it is important that you exercise special caution when signing any contracts or in making important agreements, verbal or otherwise.

It may not be always clear to you how emotions -- both your own and others' -- affect communication. For instance you may feel that the emotional assurance another person wants you to provide is excessive or unnecessary. Or, you may tend to subjugate or limit your feelings strictly under intellectual or physical categories. In other words, you have chosen this lifetime to meet a challenge involving your mind and your emotions.

Souls from your cosmic past will be attracted to you as opportunities for you to respond with love and self- control. Difficulties are most likely with your family and relatives, both in your present life and from previous incarnations. Patience, empathy and a genuine effort to understand the other person's point of view will go very far in correcting your sometimes misplaced emotional attitudes and communication habits.

A helpful affirmation for you to repeat in meditation goes something like, "Unless I am sure my ideas are correct, I will keep my thoughts and feelings to myself. Because I often let my emotions cloud an issue and tend to rationalize too much, I will try to assess situations more carefully. I will thus achieve the balance I need between the feeling side of my nature and the logical, between my personal opinions and objective reality."

Your Moon is in an inharmonious pattern with Uranus.

... )
Chapter 3. Mercury 

Your Mercury is conjoined with Uranus.

... )

Because of the extraordinary intensity of this aspect, there is a tendency to become overstrung, like tuning a sensitive musical instrument too tightly. One likely drawback lies in how individuals can become so burdensome and unbearable at times that all you can do is get away from them. This challenge is contradictory to your otherwise cooperative inclination to work together with others. However, through will's application towards moderation, compromise and humility, you have the ability to draw upon all your past earth experiences to use your psychic forces to influence many. You might best achieve this through your abilities as a writer, teacher and lecturer.

Your Mercury harmoniously aspects Jupiter.

This fortunate birth pattern gives you abilities in fields of expression, especially writing, where many may be affected by what you do, yet without a great deal of effort on your part. You have unique mental abilities which are virtually uncanny: after starting a project and leaving it aside for a while, from unseen sources, almost, it works itself out. The resourcefulness of this pattern lies especially in its merging of the best of your afterlife experiences in the spheres of Mercury and Jupiter. This lends to you -- interest-free, or with relatively little effort -- marked abilities in writing. You also have the natural talent to make new associations and friendships that are both unusual and widely varying in social position.

While you may occasionally belittle your abilities you nonetheless have considerable capacities for creative expression in music. You have good judgment and policies toward both individuals and groups as well as a commendable quality of being able to control your temper.

... )
Chapter 4. Venus

Your Venus harmoniously aspects Neptune.

You have a gentle, unassuming yet refined attitude to your friends and loved ones. Together with your outstanding integrity, these positive character traits are likely throughout your life to attract people who want to help and support you, though not necessarily in a material sense. Except for bringing attunement and resources by being near or traveling over large bodies of water -- and innately have the seashores, lakesides and riversides often called to you as a place to live -- Neptune's blessings are primarily spiritual and well beyond the three dimensional plane.

... )

Most important, a greater and greater influence in your life will be found by being QUIET within. 

... )

Chapter 5. Jupiter

Your Jupiter harmoniously aspects Uranus.

Making your soul flight to begin another earth incarnation from the benevolent consciousness dimension of Jupiter, you chose to deepen your metaphysical, religio-philosophical identity by making an extended, well-timed stopover in the realm of Uranus. This decision increased your opportunities to attract money and be successful, especially as you near forty years of age.

Indeed, this is one of the most fortunate aspects for anyone to have at the time of their birth. The choice of such a favorable flight plan from these two high realms is frequently made by powerfully magnetic, unusually gifted personalities.

... )

And do bear in mind always to apply your will to temper and moderate with mercy, justice and right your visions of power and success this lifetime. Remember that your free will is what makes for growth in the soul's sleep in its earthly body (as the soul slumbers upon taking on physical form at birth). Your ideals and dreams, then, are the deeds by which as a soul you are judged in your relationships with others. 

Chapter 6. The Zodiac

 NOTE: The Zodiac signs of the Sun and Moon are analyzed below. First they will be analyzed in the Tropical zodiac. If the positions are different in the Sidereal zodiac, then they will also be analyzed in the Sidereal zodiac. Also, if the Sun and Moon are in the same zodiac sign, then only the Sun position is interpreted; the Moon position, being the same as the Sun position, does not need to be interpreted in this case.

Your Sun is in Scorpio (Tropical zodiac).

... )

Your Moon is in Taurus (Tropical zodiac).

... )

Your Sun is in Libra (Sidereal zodiac).

... )

Your Moon is in Aries (Sidereal zodiac).

... )
Chapter 7. Past Life Decanates 

... )


ok wow...

Nov. 15th, 2007 02:57 pm
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Horoscope for today...
Your traditional planetary ruler Mars is energizing your 9th House of Travel and Education for the rest of this year, motivating you to get up and go somewhere for fun or to learn something new. Enrolling in a course can lift you out of a current rut, but this isn't just about improving a technical skill. Use this time to develop your intuition through meditation, music or some other form of art.

Ok.. the odd thing about my horoscope today is that Mom and I met this morning for coffee and breakfast and talked about  this already... (Food was also a good thing, as I'd unintentionally not eatten much yesterday.)  We talked about balance in my life... the balance of work, interaction with people, my home space, social outlets, and intellectual outlets.

She made the comment that she'd been thinking of how much time alone I have... I work alone in the office.. and will now do that even moreso; and I live alone in my house. I spend an average of at least 10 hours a day alone (not including sleep)... and that is on an otherwise social day, assuming I go out with friends or have some outside event.  I have interactions on the phone with people, and through the computer via chat... but that is as close as I get. Giving the aquatic personal training is a good thing, as it does get me out... even with the hour to two hour drive.

We talked about looking into some additional options that would challenge me intellectually, as that is the one thing that is lacking. So I sent out an email to another local contact about possible teaching opportunites that she might be able to help me network.  If that doesn't work, I also can just consider tutoring, or even mentoring through an organization. I also am going to look at taking some 'fun' classes from lcc or mott. Primarily I was looking at either a water color or ceramics class... The water color is more of what I would prefer as I know that would lead a bit more of an emotional outlet too...  I don't know I'll find something that works, but I figured I can see what's available. 

I also may considered an excellerated masters program... I really don't want this as much... even though it would a great deal to my credentials for a Ph.D. But I also don't want to burn out before I even start a Ph.D. program... and that is my fear.   Another option is to go back for my B.A. in Economics... which is really only a few classes away.  I put a call to UM-Flint and it looks like I only need 21 credits in electives for an Economics degree... I already have 6 or 9 of those electives... so I think that is the best game plan...

So... I think I'm going back to school... just a single class here and there, and I'm going to complete my B.A.  I think that's a good idea. It will also add a lot to what I want to study for my Ph.D... since it's looking at business through the eyes of economics.  I think I could be proud of that degree too... which would be nice.  I'm also going to look to see if teaching at Baker is an option.  I have a local networking contact who would fully support me and may be able to get me an 'in'.  I also am going to look at classes in watercolor...just for fun.   Not all of these necessarily have to happen... but I at least need to get my feelers out there. 

(and hence the wow with the horoscope....)

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Others know somehow that you aren't sharing all your emotions -- and it's true that you may be holding a wild card up your sleeve. Your inner voice tells you to enjoy your little secret while you can, but an irrepressible smile on your face will probably give it away. Nevertheless, take your time before you tell your news.

Apparently not only does my horoscope say I have a secret... apparently it's a good one.
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You might truly believe that your life would be easier if your emotional reactions weren't so intense, but this isn't necessarily true. The depth of your passions is one of your greatest strengths. You are, however, receiving new information from your subconscious mind now that can help to transform your perspective about current situation. Don't resist this flow of awareness, for soon you will be able to better understand the reasons for your feelings.

Great... cause I so need this today... *sigh* Yet I hate when it's right... I think I just need a nap.
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You might be overwhelmed as you feel the weight of responsibility on your shoulders. Unhappily, you could have taken on more than should be expected of you. Examine what, if anything, your past failures have to do with your current willingness to help others. Don't be overly aggressive in your desire to help. You can best heal others by first forgiving and healing yourself. 


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This is from my personalized Yearly Horoscope... 

Duration: August 17, 2007-August 31, 2007
Peak Date: August 24, 2007

Growing Up: This transit can indicate one of the most important times in your life, as Saturn crosses over your natal Saturn position. It should occur for the first time at about age twenty-nine. In astrology's early beginnings, this would happen near the end of your mortal life, provided you lived that long. Now, however, it begins the "second time around" (and usually the third around age 59), giving us the oppourtunity to look back over the mistakes we have made and what we have done "right" up to the present. During the year prior to this exact conjunction aspect, you probably have felt an urgency that, if you hadn't adready done everything you wanted to (or, if you thing you haven't done it right) that you may not have another chance. It is very likely that some significant aspects of your life have already changed, or they are beginning to change radically. Relationships, job, place of residence, and life goals are especially subject to review. Change or termination of unsatisfactory siturations are likely to be process and/or completed during this time. In other words, this aspect indicates a time of endings and new beginnings, both at about twenty-nine years of age and, again, between fifty-eight and sixty.

Apparently this particular event is a kinda big deal... and it seems like I've been "here" for awhile now... in transition... I was told that 29 is a big deal (astrologically). I wonder where this will take me. All I know is... I'm tried of the transition... and I'm not sure how much more "transition" I can take... I need more solid ground... so I hope.... that after August 31st... I will be able to find that.
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You could be all worked up now about the injustice of your role in the world, knowing exactly what the best course of action would be to change things for the better. But the present moment has a convincing quality to it, making it difficult to alter the current course of events. Don't confuse intensity with the need to make an important decision now. Wait for more clarity and logic.


Jun. 11th, 2007 09:15 am
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The Moon enters impulsive Aries at 6:26 am EDT, giving us permission to do what's been on our minds for the past few days. Meanwhile, both sexy Venus and the Sun form harsh aspects with unorthodox Uranus, provoking impulsive and erratic behavior. We want to experience the rush of adrenaline and acting spontaneously is one way to stir up the excitement necessary to feel alive. We are ready for a breakthrough and do our best to make it happen. 

So that explains it...


The Moon enters sensible Taurus at 7:28 am EDT, soothing our heightened enthusiasm. This is a stabilizing phase as energetic Mars harmonizes with conservative Saturn. Ambitions lead our actions while organizational skills serve us well. The Sun's supportive sextiles to Mars and Saturn make it easier to focus scattered energy. We can convert our emotions into tangible results, thereby relieving the pressure from any misunderstandings. 

This doesn't sound too bad...

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Stressful dynamics between your inner world and outer circumstances are very obvious now as you dream about many possibilities before you. But you can't move toward them just yet, for your commitments prevent you from taking on new projects. Be responsible while allowing enough time to do something that brings you pleasure. 

This makes sense today. Yesterday I was simply unable to do any more mental reflection. (Though I do this a lot so I can't feel too bad.) And today, I really just need to play more. So I'm gonna work on that. ;)

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You may feel quite confident about your place in the world today. You can use this optimism to amass power, although you can also be motivated by non-material goals. The temptation now is to reap rewards from the seeds that you have sown over the past years. There is nothing wrong with this as long as you realize that your search for meaning does not need to be sacrificed in the process. 

I had a long coversation with [profile] warsoplast night.  Basically among the main points that we talked about, she suggested that I write a business plan for my life... like the next year or so, with different plans for the future depending on events that I can't control (like if the project takes off, or it doesn't). I like the idea. I think it will really help. Plus, if I included some pre-plan and Phase II goals which would extend into things like school, moving, all that, I could get a much better idea of what I want... and honestly that is the big question.  I don't know if I want to leap yet. And some of her suggestions inlcluded leaping.... In fact... there is much I don't know. There are a lot things I have here, in Michigan, that I like, enjoy, and would miss.  I will eventually leap in some capacity... how much... where to... and... when... are the questions.
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Your highly effective sixth sense is working overtime now as you sense things that everyone else misses, but it's still difficult for you to trust what you are feeling. The current dilemma grows as you are pulled between doing the right thing and remaining loyal to your friends. Forget about trying to rationalize your actions. Just do what your instinct tells you and not your head.
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It's stressful as you try to get the rejuvenating alone time that you crave.  Don't fritter away precious energy worrying about it now, for you can find time to be by yourself later on. Instead, use today's New Moon to focus on your relationships and to deepen your understanding about how your most intimate partner affects your life. 

Ok. no big surprise that I have no time... esp considering I'm not home a single evening this week.  And I'm not "frittering" with worry over it either which is apparently a good thing.  
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Pinicle point: May 15th

Energy Flows Well: You’ve been trying to get the lock on your suitcase to open for days. Now you simply touch it and it plops open in your hand, totally receptive to its next summons. This is good. Things move. Everything feels properly lubricated, present and lines up ready for the big push. Start slowly, letting momentum build. As things fall into place, you can take bigger steps. Time to everyone know what you’d do if life held no limits. You might be surprised at the return.

It's funny... but I've felt this in the past few days... things flowing... in the right direction. It's nice.


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