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There are times when I hate being gay. Not that being gay should matter.... but it does. I hate that when I look at colleges and universities that are private, the first thing I have to do is try to see if the environment is friendly towards "the gays". I hate it and it sucks. I hate that I don't know whether to be open about this in my interviews b/c while I don't want to be in a hostile environment, yet I don't want to be discriminated against due to a personal judgement when the institution is okay. I also don't want to just say "no private christian schools go on my list" b/c that is equally discriminating on my end and I refuse to do that. It's just really frustrating that this is even an issue. I'm a damn good scholar and instructor yet something that totally has no relevance, has influence. I'm frustrated and disillusioned. Thus, sometimes I hate being gay.

Home Again

Mar. 28th, 2007 09:57 am
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I got home last night at around 2am. Not being very tired, I unpacked and reviewed the changes to the house. It looks very nice. Everything is in a different place, but that's because they cleaned all the shelves in the kitchen and basically everything else. It's amazingly clean... and being that it's different, it's good. Coming home to how we left it would have actually been harder... Seeing everything... the way we left it... would have made it hard to handle.

So the change is good. Odd but good. *shrug*
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Friday we drove through the day and crashed at the Days Inn. Frankie (the cat) has been hell and neither one of us have slept for two nights due to his meowing. SOOOO glad I'm getting rid of that cat! China was awesome. She kept putting her head on the passengers shoulder when we were driving and was just adorable. I will definitly miss her.

Saturday we arrived at the apt around 1am. We actually only took an hour to unpack the car and went off on a search for a futon. We found a great futon mattress and got that for the night. We decided to wait on the frame for a few months since Erica is fine sleeping on the floor for awhile. We went shopping at Target, Lowes and Wal-Mart for a ton of necessities that we needed (alarm clock, step ladder, laundry detergent, etc). We also found a store called "The Dump" and got a really nice desk for Erica's spare room/office, then headed back home for the night. We got the car unloaded (again) and got the mattress set up. The cat was hell, again. Even Erica wanted to kill him. We finally moved the mattress into another room, and shut the door, and miraculously, the cat shut up. It was... a surprising relief. But we didn't sleep. Again.

Sunday (today) we got out of bed around 10:30. I was awake for awhile but didn't want to get up. We took the dog out on a walk (she's still quite hyper but overall doing amazingly well!), found food, and went shopping again to find a table for Erica. We had to go back to "The Dump" to pick up the desk, and also found a really nice (all wood) table for $99. That was great. We're going to get some chairs at a thrift store and call it good. We also got a chair for erica's office/desk and a wireless router. We target again, (its so much better than wal-mart... as Erica said.. you get a true Wal-Mart experience here.... it's kinda like pergatory or something...) and grabbed a few more misc. things. Homeward bound, I put together the desk and table while Erica unpacked. I've really not helped with the unpacking since she really need to know where most things go... and if I help... tend to just... "do". So it's better this way. The desk looks great and I only screwed up one thing which is barely noticeable. ;) Tonight is pretty much movies and crashing...

Tomorrow is one more day of shopping for chairs and maybe find some jeans since I only brought one pair and we found a cheap outlet. We're looking at doing coffee in the morning and there's a seafood dinner place I think we'll do this evening. Tuesday we're looking at traveling to Virginia Beach for something new.

The trip has been good. It's odd, setting up Erica in a new place. A new home. The seperation feels weird. I'm truely helping her create her own place... even though I'm still part of that place. I know this is good. And it's not horribly hard. Emotions are more mild. I think they will get more intense as the time for me to leave draws closer. I do both dread and look forward the change.

Mom apparently has been trying to help that change... she and Nora and David cleaned our house yesterday. Throughly. I guess it was kinda bad... not surpising seeing everything has has been going on. It will be really nice to come home to a clean house. She also got rid of the green couch and gave us her futon... It odd, because I really appreciate all she does. but I do wish she would consult me (and Erica) before she makes a major change to my house... like getting rid of my furniture. I know her intent was good, but I also know I need to address this later. And it's so not later right now.
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Tomorrow we leave for Virginia... a few stops before we leave Michland and we're on our way. The plan is to stop once we near/cross the border of Maryland, which puts us about 5 hours away from Erica's apartment complex. We'd like to get her unpacked and settled, get some new furniture (since we're arriving almost none) and explore the area. Erica starts work on Wednesday, and I fly back to Michigan Tuesday night. And then... life keeps moving forward. Me here. Her there.

Work gets a bit more intense with Treadwell coming from Kansas. Plus, we're expecting several proposals and information to come back that week. So I'll be busy. And that's the idea. Keep busy. I've recently been having some anxiety issues... and am trying to keep that at a low ebb. I'm fairly certain I can't do that alone, and I'll be talking to my doctor about that... I think I'll need some help of the medicinal sort... for only a week or so... but just to keep me at an idol lower than 7. (Dadra always says I idol at around 3 compared to "normal" people who idol around 1 or 1.5 (yes like a car). I'm mostly at a 5 lately... and that's fine... but when I go up to 7.5 is what I don't like... so, help is needed. I hate having to go this route too... I don't like it at ALL. but I also know that 7.5 is just not healthy. And I can't stop... reving up.

"Life is journey, both terrifing and wonderful."
Henry Rollins
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Thursday night we also got all of our finances worked out to take Erica down to Virginia, thanks to a multitude of reasons. The relief was quite on the significant part as now we're able to get Erica moved in, and pay several months rent in advance. This will get her though the first month (which is good since she'll only get one paycheck) and also allow us to get a really good handle on bills. Quite the change from Thursday morning... but a welcome one.


Mar. 14th, 2007 09:16 am
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I booked my flight home from Virginia. I fly home on Tuesday, March 27th at 7:59pm EST. I arrive in Flint at 12:54am on March 28th.

Life will be very different...

Starting at 7:59pm EST on March 27th, 2007...

Job Found

Mar. 9th, 2007 12:58 pm
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Erica was offered and accepted the job in Virginia. We discussed a lot, and decided that all things considered, VA offered the most benefits, work enviroment, and other opportunities (she may be able to teach GIS at a local community college!). It will be big and probably difficult transition, but I think, in the end, it will all be good. She's currently apartment hunting in the area and thinks she found the place she would like to live. It's a bit more expensive, but also includes cable and internet, and the building is only a year old. So it ends up being pretty equal. We'll be moving her out there in about 3 weeks.


Mar. 8th, 2007 09:42 am
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Erica is in Virginia. I expect to hear from her shortly as her flight would have just arrived. She left this morning at around 4am for a 5:23am flight out of Flint. We'll see if she gets another offer. It would be nice, just to have another option. We'll talk about the options available tomorrow. If nothing else, this will be a fun trip for her. And if she gets another offer, it's a great ego boost.


Mar. 7th, 2007 06:35 am
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Erica got offered the job in Grand Rapids/West Olive. March is a good thing.
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Erica is currently in GRR for her second interview. She goes to VA on Thursday/Friday. I think both of our nerves are shot when it comes to all this. She couldn't find her bra this morning which nearly led to a minor melt down. I got out of bed (at 5:30) and helped her find one. Still not sure where the orginal bra disappeared to. But it was *poof*. So yes. Life is full.

I'm not tired though. I had some time to myself this morning which was nice. I also straightend a few things up and started laundry. Today I have many errands to run. I might actually leave to do that soon. That or do it over lunch.... hmmm...

Parents are both in town tonight. I had my laptop off to my dad. They're going to a movie. I don't know what I'll be up to. Erica is also working Delta's daddy/daughter dance so I expect her around 10 or 11.

New Jerseay

Mar. 2nd, 2007 08:11 am
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Erica has another phone interview today with a company for a position in New Jersey. The only good thing about this one, is that there are locations in lansing that she might be able to transfer to in a few years.

We'll see.


Feb. 14th, 2007 10:39 am
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Erica had her first interview at 9am for Ottawa Cty. Apparently it went quite well. She was the first interview of the day, which is always good, and is not on her way to Howell for her second interview at 3pm.

*keeps fingers crossed*
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the ppm isn't done. the spa consultant is unreachable, possibly in the hospital. Nikki is on the downside of the hill... (personally I hope they put her down soon. it's really too hard on her.) i have a severe deadline to raise funds which could kill me. meeting will abound (i hope) the next few weeks. sistrum is... stressful. i've decided not to sing in march. too much goings on. I'm hoping to meet Meredith next week to discuss this. (So if any sistrum folk read this, please don't mention this factor to anyone.) Erica is staying in a hotel tonight, preparing for her interviews tomorrow (west olive and howell/detroit). tomorrow is V-day... i hope to do something nice but have no idea what. I just don't want to be the stress monkey I am.
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since I last updated... though I don't think actual reality would agree. But anyways, here goes.

Erica has been slamming out resumes. Yesterday, while I was at Sistrum, she got nearly 15 out the door. Nice! The weekend was good. Erica and I got some basics done on the house and spent Sunday cooking for the superbowl. We made some awesome food. (Just didn't realize it would take 4 hours.) Erica blaims Nicole. *grin* We made jalapeno poppers from scratch, and a chinese pasta/wonton thingie with mushrooms and cabbage. Both were amazing! Jess made yummie egg/potato snacks and Nicole and Kate had shrimp diet pop with splenda, and other muchies. ALL of it was ww friendly. :) wOOt! We watch the superbowl game. T'was fun just hanging out. Though I have to admit, I think puppy bowl was just as exciting.

This week is field research week! What does field research include???? LOTS of massage! I get to go lots of place and get different massages to see other facilites. How cushie is that! It totally makes up for the fact that I'm at work at 6am...

In other news, my car is dead so I have to take the suburban into Lansing for my 8am massage. :\ Oh well. At least there's a car I can use in a pinch. Bit tired today (reasons being obvious).
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Last night Mom helped Erica re-write her cover letter. It looks MUCH better and we got it out four of them, one to Howell (MI), one to Grand Rapids (MI), one to Florida (about an hour north of orlando), and one to Canada (outside Toronto). The Howell one would be ideal. The pay rate is good, plus they are looking for an associate degree so if Erica gets it, she has a good chance of getting the higher salary. The other one that sounds good is Canada. The job is for a 14 month contract and is very customer service related. Plus, she might get to travel once or twice and the company is located in N. America, Europe, and Asia. That would be worth the distance. Plus, we could take the train to see eachother and four hours isn't bad at all.

We're also going to go over to Tom/Tavi's tomorrow as they have lots of stuff to prepare for interviews. Erica's a bit nervous about phone interviews. Tonight we'll be applying to several jobs in Indiana and Illinois, some in Virgina, and a few more in Ontario, Canada.
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Erica is now in full-throttle job hunting mode. She's been going into work early and leaving at 2 or 3 all week; then coming home to work on or send out her resume. Mom happens to be home today, and Erica came over to print stuff out. Mom's currently helping Erica create a kick-arse cover letter which makes me very happy. :) So nice to have help like that! So I'm in help/disapper mode. It's cute to see them interact so well. So luck. So know it. :)

Erica's applying for jobs all over Michigan, and outside of it. Currently she's got jobs from IL, FL, Chicago, Kansas, AZ... yeah.... lots of places. We're hoping she finds what she wants here, but she might not. And if not, we'll be doing the long distance thing for awhile.

Ok. back to helpping.


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