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Last night I rejoined the Judo Club in Lansing. I was standing in the hall and realized I was the only girl with 14 guys... thankfully, in the end about 5 girls were there... two white belts, two brown, one black. And 20 guys of various rank.

I got my ass kicked in the first 30 mintues...and that was just the warm up! Though I did realize, that I no longer have to worry at all about aerobics at the gym. Yay! I can keep doing my weight lifting and just consider judo my aerobics for the week...cause .... yeah... It SO is!

I also got my brown belt. They had one there that I could purchase which was awesome so I didn't have to be a green belt with brown belt rank.

After warmup we then seperated into groups... for the first time, I was in the brown belt group. It was so kewl... there was a girl about my size and height (which is REALLY important in Judo practice) who I got to work with. She is one rank above me, Niku. (I am Sanku or 3rd degree brown belt.) She also spoke fluent Japanese. That is her major at it was cute because her yes was always "hi!" *grin* We threw a lot on epon sayonagi or the shoulder thrown... practicing it with both left and right. That is a big focus now... throwing left and not 'telegraphing' your next move... It took me awhile and I finally thew. The first one wasn't that good... but the second just...sailed... it was so easy that it almost felt wrong. ;) She then threw me a few times... it was kewl. I haven't been thrown in .. well... six years. We also did some grappling and randori (randori = sparing). I didn't get a throw in... well, not really. She let me have a throw at the end, and made it look really good too. ;)

I do have a few bruises, and am a bit sore today. But I feel really good and am excited to be back.


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