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This week has been crazy exhausting... and while there is still no end in sight I'm doing ok.  Professionally, things are going very well. Personally things are going pretty well. Socially things are ok. Sistrum is not fun. 

Work has been kicking my ass this week as I've been preparing for the seminar this weekend, and had to do a one-on-one certification (typically a 20 hour seminar).  I've been working or traveling a TON and my emotional exhaustion is showing a bit. Or... showed a bit. Monday was decent but a very high stress work day. Sistrum was ok, but the food made my stomach ill and I was having problems breathing for some reason...  Tuesday was a 15 hour day that included 5 hours of travel for therapy, plus 3 hours of training from 6pm-9pm, followed by a meeting with mom that was 1/2 business, 1/2 just a nice visit. Wednesday was 10 hours of intense training, followed by a 2.5 hours Sistrum Board meeting. Today, was 8 hours of training, including an aquatic therapy apt, and I'm back at the office, checking email for the first time since Monday, and I have to pack and leave on a plane for North Carolina tomorrow at 10am out of Detroit... The seminar is Satruday & Sunday... Monday mom & I have off to visit my aunt... we return Tuesday morning... and I immediately head to Toledo to do another therapy session... Wednesday/Thursday/Friday... I may have another therapy apt to schedule at least two, if not all three of those days...

Is it sad that I'm actually hoping to get sick on Wednesday so I can have a day off?  

I'm doing mostly ok. Mostly.


Oct. 5th, 2007 08:53 am
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Busy is about all I can say about this week...and the next few weeks. I'm getting my ass kicked, and the kicking will continue. But it's not a bad thing. My goal is to: 1) not get sick, 2) get my video work done this weekend, 3) prepare for the personal BCP next week, 4) prepare for the NC seminar this weekend and Monday. 5) not get sick ;)

This does entail ignoring the house again... I was going to work on it a bit this weekend, but I know I just don't have the time or energy to do so. So once again, the house is ignored. But I have no guilt. :) 

My video work is paying off. I'll get paid for the last gig, and for the next. I do have the wedding to work on, but that is a lower priority, though I still should make headway this weekend. 

Ok... off to work. ;)


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