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 At 5:15 today I got a phone call from my client. I was on another line so let him ring to voicemail. Mom was actually on her way to see him and I knew she'd be there shortly. I call my voicemail 2 minutes later and a somewhat shaky voice say, "Tera, this is [patient]. I need you to call me. It's about your mom. It's really important." I immediately called him back and went to voicemail. Called mom... went to voicemail... at this point my heart is racing and I'm thinking "don't freak out" and could only think that she was ok...meanwhile my imagination is thinking she had a horrible accident outside his house or something...  Finally... about 10 minutes later... (Ten very LONG minutes)... I got ahold of mom.  (Interal thought 'ok she's alive') External thought "are you ok?" 

Turns out the clients dog attacked and bit my mom. She was able to drive and I met her at Perry Urgent Care where she got 5 stitches on the top of her hand, and 2 on at the base of her middle finger. 

Things ended up getting really light though, and we were laughing and telling stories with another lady in the Urgent Care waiting room... and the staff was awesome, as was the doctor. So mom is fine and all is well... Though I am sorely in need of glass of wine and we'll be opening a bottle shortly. *smile* 
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Mom and I are on much better terms. We talked yesterday morning and she made the comment that one reason she feels the need for me to take the week off is that she needs time to just be... my mom. Not my boss. We both need the seperation of work and mom/daughter relationships. And so, I'll prolly see her next week... talk to her... but it won't be about business. (Though I do have some doubt if we can keep it entirely social... we both do suck at that. But a concerted effort will be made. And not being at the office will help a lot!) I think this is a very good move. I feel good about it. I feel good in general. I feel like I'm actually moving in a good direction. A more stable one.

And today I'm going to take care of some house things... (order more mini blinds, do laundry, watch a movie at home), and then maybe do something with Dadra. It's amazing to me... because it all started with the realization that I needed to go to Avalon. I know I keep talking about it... but damn has it helped! And it's so hard to explain what a place like this means to me. So maybe, I'll just go with it... and stop trying to explain.

On another note, I had big surprise yesterday when I got an email from Katie Hurley. Wow! Her timing is good and I hope she is well. I think she was injured quite severely and is finally able to start work again. She is an amazing person and I truely hope we can work with her more in the future. It's funny because before mom and I talked, everything in business was at a stand-still. Nothing was happening. (Hence all the time to chat.) But after we talked, Mom got several phone calles... more that day than she had the past two weeks. Then, yesterday, I hear from Katie. Amazing how energy works... when it's blocked... the universe seems to know it... and when it opens... it all opens. :)

The neat thing about all this, in regards to the company formation, is that a team of Treadwell, Mom and Katie would be ideal to form EuroKur. I officially turned down the option to be an owner. Beyond everything else, I just don't think I fit. And I think that the three of them... could. That would be an exciting combination.


Apr. 5th, 2007 11:18 am
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I met with mom today. This morning. It was good. Not wonderful. But good. I said much of what needed to be said. It wasn't perfect. It never is. But we agreed that we both need space. Actually she said she needed space from me, and I agreed that it was a good idea. So I'm taking next week off... a random paid vacation. I can't complain in some ways... I allows me space. In some ways I hate it.. because work has helped me keep "busy". But I also know this time will be good. 

I've decided to go up to Avalon. I'll find somewhere to stay, either with family or my godfather. But I need that place. I always find my bearing there... and I am so in need of bearings.  Avalon is my sacred place... "my soul's home" as I've so often called it.  And I am so lost... that it's time to go home. So I'm actually thinking of leaving on Sunday at around 12:30 (after Easter Brunch with Dadra, Sandra & my mom) and heading up there. I've got a call into my cousin. I'd only stay for one night and get back in time for Sistrum at 7pm. A short trip... one that may even be repeated later in the week. I don't know. But I need to go Home. And I need to go now. I know this will help. It will reboot me. It will allow me to stabilize. 

I can't stabilize at my house Nadyne. I know what you're saying about making my house.. mine... and finding stability there... but my house is not my "home"... it is a safe place... I will find a way to make it this... but Avalon is my home. That is where I need to go.  And I can take that home with me. Inside. And find stability there... I know it's what I need. And you were right. I need this.  I just need Avalon to find and create it.

the deal

Apr. 4th, 2007 02:19 pm
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I'm meeting my mom tomorrow before work for coffee. Actually, I think we're going to to Tim Horton's to talk. This should actually be a good thing. I know I'll be more able to keep emotions in check and ... god's I just hope I can manage to communicate. I don't communicate well with her at times, and this is one of them. So... tomorrow morning. :)  At least we're getting along better in the meantime. I just better know damn well what I need to say. *sigh* Ok... here goes.


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