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1. Who do you aspire to be like?
Me. First impluse. But in addition to that, my mom (yet still keep the 'me-ness'. And Bette Midler is always a good stand by...

2. Does it bother you when your significant other is friendly with members of the opposite sex?
:) Does this even apply? Well, in either case of gender, no. I prefer her to have friends. Period. Gender has no value there. Only the person.

3. Does the amount of media attention that someone like Paris Hilton obtains seem unjust?
Paris Hilton? Who's that? Ok ok... yes I kinda know who she is... and personally I just ignore her.

4. Has your own unhappiness ever caused you to unintentionally resent the happiness of another person?
not resent, but maybe jealosy applies here. Afterall, I'm scorpio. Aren't we all just ruled by jealosy?

5. Have you ever changed to fit in with a desirable group?
Yes. And though it took me awhile, I think I finally have pretty strong standard of self. But I think that's pretty 'the norm'
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1. Would you ever lead someone on if it was financially beneficial to you?
probably not. I'm sure there could be other reasons I would lead someone one...after all, we're all not perfect. But I don't think money is one of them.
2. What's the most expensive thing you own?
my house
3. What's more important, job satisfaction or a fat paycheck?
satisfaction. as long as you are able to live comfortably (and that is all relative)
4. How much money would it take for you to whore yourself out?
hmmmm.... not sure. probably a lot.
5. Would you be morally opposed to stealing something if you knew you could?
most likely. I tend to have pretty steadfast morals when it comes to this, but again with the not so perfect Tera...


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