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Last weekend rocked! There were tons of plans and things to do, but managed to be both fun and productive!!!

Friday Nicole tried to get tickets to Wicked via the Lottery (20 tickets go on sale for $25 two hours before the show). Her name didn't get drawn for that one so we decided to try again on Sunday. We spent the evening packing up her room and getting clothes sorted. It was highly productive.

Saturday morning was the "big move." Bess, Tiffany, Nicole and I moved Nicole's couches and bed from her old apt to her new house. It was a task to remember because not only did we have to get her couches down three flights of stairs (Pivot!!!), we had to get them through the door of her house...which turned out to be quite difficult. Tiffany in all her butchy glory (and damn is she good!... "throw me the couch!"  *grin*) got powertools and took off the part of the door jam to allow room for the couch. Yeah, she is wow! We were all impressed. Unfortunately Bess did get hurt and got a smooshed/torn back toenail. Ouch! We all went out to lunch later at a local restaurant and then Nicole and I headed back to her apt for some other sorting (mostly mail) before we left for Owosso. After stopping by Schulers to buy Harry Potter 7 (*squee*) we headed in to prep for the party. 

The party was Awesome. Jess, Mike, Katie, Robbie, Casey, Lindsay, Dadra, Carlos, Joe Rogers and wife (sad I *can't* remember her name!), Nicole, Mom and I. It ended up being a great group. Kabobs, lovely Desserts made by Katie & Jess, amazing Wine, and hot tubs... You just can't go wrong. :)   It was awesome. Go with the yeah and the TANNINS! :)

Sunday was Hardees in the morning (never had breakfast there... it was not bad) then back into Lansing for another try at Wicked Tickets. Turns out that Jess and Mike had the same idea! And guess who's name was called FIRST!  Mine!!!!  I won the Wicked Lottery and got a pin and everything! :)  The most awesome thing was... So did Jess!!! Nicole was SO bouncing!  So Nicole, Jess, Mike and I ALL got to go see the 1:00 showing of Wicked. And OMG was it totally amazing!  I cried during "For Good"...  wow. (I also immediately changed myspace to include tons of Wicked music and videos this morning! *grin*)  After Wicked it was food at BD's then nap time, then laundry. Laundry only took about 3 -3.5 hours which was really good. Though I did break one of the washing machines. ;)  Opps. I fianlly got to bed around 1:30... but read HP until 3... Bad Tera... bad... ;) 

All in all... I had a wonderful weekend hanging out with friends, beig productive helping Nicole move to her new house, and most memorably... seeing Wicked.


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