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Now everybody say it... Awwwwww ;)

China did awesome at the vet. She got a shot and everything and never even whined. She does have the onset of kennel cough and we have to take her back in 10 days to get more shots (distemper & all). No introductions to any other dogs for at least a week until she's not contagious. :/ Today's visit was $78.00. And we still have 3 more to go with her distemper/cocktail, lyme disease immunization (I would question this one, but by vacinating her, any ticks that would bite her no longer can spread the disease, so for the humanitarian in me, we'll do that too.) Plus she still will need rabies shots, for which she has be I think 9mo old. Unfortuately, the Humane Society gave her the distempter shot before she was even 6 weeks old. I guess there's this thing with mom's milk/antibodies that nutrilizes the shot if given before 7 weeks? So the shot was useless. Though I have to admit, seeing as she was off mom's milk at 4 weeks, I do wonder about this. But then, I don't know much about dogs...

Jim came over last night. I think he even decided China was ok. (A big feat considering the last one (sadie) immediately jumped up on him... and landed in a very painful manner.)

Tonight is my last free Thursday for quite some time. AA (adapted aquatics) starts next week. I'm kinda blah about it but I know I'll like it when I see/work with the kids again. ok, I should be working...


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