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 This weekend was my last sistrum concert. All in all it went really well. Saturday night was a twist in that I realized that I was ill right before the concert. I thought maybe it was my blood pressure or blood sugar as those can go wonky... but no... my stomach was just horrid. I even went so far as to disappear for awhile, snuck to corner and lay down for awhile. I wasn't gonna make it. So I talked to Meredith and re-arranged my position so I had an easy exit... I basically forced myself song after song to stay on stage... after I basically lip sang the commissioned piece, I realized I was done, left the stage and made it to the bathroom to become violently ill. I then immediately went back on stage.  It turned out I only missed one song. Ironically I actually felt better and actually was able to enjoy the rest of the concert. I spent a short time at the afterglow, then left and drove home. I felt kinda proud that I managed to get through the night. It was totally mind over body. I was not going to miss my last concert. 

I stayed back on the last song, a last minute decision, instead of going into the crowd. It was awesome, just standing back and seeing such happiness and bonding... and freedom as the audience and women of sistrum danced on stage. It was a great ending to the season... and my time with Sistrum. 

Today I've been semi-sick all day. I slept on an off until 2pm and have done nothing else but chill on the couch since then. I've got a slight headache and I'm still tired. But I'm ok. It was so worth pushing myself to see and be a part of such an amazing experience. 

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 You have a tendency to hold on to grudges more than you should, and even though it doesn't happen a lot, it does happen. It might be something you need to work out for yourself for your own peace of mind and inner tranquility. Monday the emotional Moon enters your sector of friendships, groups, and associations, and you make the healthy choice to only interact with people who are good for you and to you. Once you make that decision, your life gets better. Friday get ready for positive networking and social contacts to pop up in your life.

And PROOF that teaving the Sistrum meeting was a good thing. ;)
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Friday and Saturday went really well for our concert "series". Jess and my duet was awesome and a lot of fun. Both nights went well... there was a lot of hand-holding the second night (even during Somewhere!). The english horn was beautiful and provolked some interesting reactions. ;)   Somewhere gave Meredith chills.  Ya Fa survived, and was better the second night. It was actually really nice to have not have to hold music.  Though I was a podium for Lynn for a little while... which really craked me up when I realized what she was doing. ;)  Over all it was a very good concert.  

Casey and Lindsay came to my concert on Friday which was such a nice surprise. I knew they were prolly coming... but still wasn't sure. It was so nice since Casey had never been to any of my concerts.  Mom and Dad and I went out for coffee afterwards and I finally got home exhausted around midnight. 

Satruday Mom came over for coffee and we grabbed Casey & Lindsay from bed to join us. ;)  We went to The Bake Shop and then all trugged off to my house and worked on the ceiling.. it was an event. I finally had to leave for an early sistrum gig... but the drywall is up and I am so much the grateful for it. 

I will write more later... for now.. I have a new evaluation to video.
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Last night was Sistrum's (my chior) Meeting of the Membership. Basically it's to update people on what's going on, and in this case, to make some minor changes to the bi-laws of our non-profit.

There was one major change that was presented; to consider accepting men our the board. The board is only 2 years old and when it was first created, seeing as we're a women's chorus, it was made to be only women.  We've had some requests by the gay mens chorus, to join... The current debate raised heavy issues with some people.  It was a highly emotional night for some... and I didn't understand why. Since I'd already expressed my opionion at the board and discussed the topic at length, I didn't raise my voice. 

But I had a hard time dealing with it all... and my response was to blow it all off. ;)  I do have to say that I had a good night. Nicole and I got in tons of trouble, and during practice, I continued to "fuck off" as I call it. 

One women got on a tangent about "protecting us" and protecting young girls and I just didn't get it!   The biggest fear was that men would come in and take over the board.  One or two men mind you (as that is the limit of community members allowed, the rest are singing members - in a woman's chorus) would take over the board??? Hello! Where are the other six or seven women on the board.  The argument was that women and men are socialized into specific roles and that it is the nature of a man to take over.  

*sigh* this frustrates me to no end. Seeing as I KNOW so many men who are not like this. I hate that we are steriotyping and making decisions out of fear of another gender. I think it sucks and I hate it.  I mean seriously, if you feel you need a safe place for women, go to a therapy group, not to a choir.  *growl* 

So I posted something on our forum discussing the issue.  I also hate that there have been so many issues lately about men and women and the choir and feminism and debates about what the choir stands for.  I love the music. I love the message in the music. And I want to sing. All the debate, and discrimination and steriotyping are just a turn off. and It just pisses me off.

There were some people who made points I agree with. If Sistrum chooses to be a women's chorus and remain run for and by women, that's fine. But lets do it for women, not out of fear of men.
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Biggest news... I got the room painted upstairs! Yeah! I still have to "attach" the ceiling and do some touchup painting but I'm really happy with it. wOOt

Erica is nearly finished with her final paper, meaning she's nearly finished with school. PLUS she spoke to her internship and they've basically offered her an unoffical full time position. She can stay there as long as she wants but can only work up to 40 hours. It is at her Intern-rate (which is a pretty good rate in anycase) and there are no benefits, but she now has time and a lot less pressure to find a job. So she's very excited. I think the plan is to apply for her "ideal" jobs since she doesn't have to settle for something she doesn't like. And, she's also looking at finishing her masters degree at MSU since there are several TA positions available. The Geography Dept, actually has more of these positions available than nearly any other dept. If she gets one, her education is paid, plus a $2000 stipend every month. So, I've concented that if she gets one, she can go for it. It's not like we have to move or anything, and our income would still be the same if not higher than it is. In the meantime, she's going to work full time at Delta and occasionally at the Palace. We were also talking about kids again, and we're not even sure who's going to have what... we talking about in-vitro where I get her egg and then I have the baby or something like that. (There's a bit of concern about giving her my egg and she has the baby since she physically much smaller than me, but that's a question for the doctors.)
Anyways, lots of great stuff.

Saturday I went to a wine tasting with David/Rose/etc and it was pretty good. Erica was sick all day (hung over) so I painted and played.

Sunday was more painting, proofing Erica's paper, and then Sistrum Concert. It was fun. It was really hard though to hear other parts. I couldn't hear much at all actually. I got a CD of the performance but wasn't really happy with "How Can I Keep From Singing." My part was ok. There are a few phrases I need to work on and my timing in Amazing Grace needs work, but I'm not sure if it was the microphone or what, but the melodie got lost in the beginning. And the 4 part section where everyone is "weaving" into eachother, sounded more chaotic than beautiful. Again, might have been mic placement, but I'm kinda sad. While people loved it, and I actually has quite a few people come up to me and say that they really liked the song (and my solo!), I'm not sure. I don't think it was our best by any means. I guess I learned that if our timing is off, it's not that fabulous. And I have a definite part in that timing. I typically can hear the Treble 3 part which gives me a great guideline for my descant, but I couldn't hear them. And I was litterally Surrounded by them!!! *sigh* just not that happy. And I also wasn't impressed with our dynamics on that song. I just hope we can work more on that tonight.

After the concert, Stephanie and I went and got food. We had a blast. I got home with perfect timing as Erica had just finished her paper. Her asthma/allergies were kicking in pretty bad but we did a quick breathing exercise which helped a bit. Bed was actually quite early for us... crashing at 10:30. But it was really nice. I woke up in the morning to still find Erica cuddled up to me. So sweet. Very nice night.
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I love Sistrum. It's nice because I was getting burned out for awhile there. I just got back from the board meeting. I didn't even mind going to Lansing. It's funny cause I'm getting that warm happy feeling with the group again. My first year, Sistrum was lifesaver. I was really struggling with a lot things, including my self image. My acne was rampant, and well, that just had a really bad affect. Sistrum added to me. It was my warm fuzzy place. Every time I left

(Side note: Erica just saw my new socks... she wants them. I'm keeping my socks hostage at the office so I get the first wear... she's not happy. Jealousy is rampant. *laugh*)

a practice, I felt so much better about myself. Basically, I fell in love with Sistrum. The past year, I started to get burnt out. I even took a break at one point and dropped out for a month last year. I kinda lost some of that warm fuzzy feeling. I started to feel more obligated and less... added. I never quit, nor wanted to quit. I new it added to me, I just couldn't quite feel it.

Yesterday, for the first time in over a year, I felt .... bouncy. excited. and enthusiastic about Sistrum. It felt awsome being there. It was so nice to feel that again. I missed that.

So anyways, I must go protect my socks now... ;)

OH! And I get my solo again! :) Yeah!


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