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Ok...since I know I'm not gonna have a moment to do this later when I actually get home, I realized I should update tonight at my Aunt's house.

Friday we flew out of Detroit at 10:20 am and had a pretty smooth flight out to Raleigh. Dawn, the organizer, picked us up at the airport. She was quite nice, as she's saved us the cost to rent a car, even though Greenville had an airport but we chose to fly to Raleigh. (She even offered to take us to Greensboro, two hours (RT) out of her way above & beyond the hours' drive to Raleigh.) We met Susan, who was our other contact and had inititated the process for us to come to Greenville. We basically met briefly and got our equipment set (we had 4 *large* bags). We were then directed across the street to our hotel. :)

It was honestly THE easiest seminar we've ever done. I was amazed at how easy and hospital they were. Dawn took charge of All the logistics and made life amazingly easy. I was beyond myself because I'm so used to doing all the organisation AND the seminar. Dawn took care of everything from supplying the projector, copying all the material for the seminar and assembling packets and providing the certificates at the end. Plus, the attendees were awesome. They all wanted to be there and were so excited about the program and method. We couldn't get them enough information on the first day. The second day I think we wiped them out a bit, but it was still really good. Overall, I think it went really well and people were very happy and satisfied with the program. Mom and I did really well with the energy but nearly collapsed around 8pm.

We found a wonderful place to eat on Friday and had an Amazing Dinner at an Italian place and had 2 glasses of wine each...all were different and wonderful! Saturday dinner (pizza & beer) and Sunday lunch (pasta & a coffee drink) were also at the same place. We never explored beyond that one place, but neither of us really felt the need to, since we both loved it. We share the mentality that if you find a really wonderful place and have *very* limited time (nor other appealing options) why change a good thing. We were happy with our decision.

Sunday night we drove back to Raleigh, curtesy of Dawn and rented a car to drive to Greensboro. We were both so completely brain dead and tired by the time we got there. Auleen & Gerry had wine awaiting us, along with cheese, hummus, soy & rice cake crackers, olives and a mozzarella/tomato/basil dish awaiting us when we arrived at 9pm. It was so wonderful. Auleen is an amazing hostess.

Monday we relaxed in the morning and then went for a long walk in the wood near a lake. It was really isolated and the trees here are taller than I've ever seen... Literally twice as tall as trees in Michigan... Just beautiful woods. We then drove around and saw some of the downtown area (really cute) and then hit RCI for a moment to check out the bags. We didn't get any, but it was good cause mom & I were able to try them all and make decisions on which ones we would consider. I'm still planning on going back in Michigan to get a day pack, and to look at clothes and more shoes. We went to a wine restaurant and all had a flight of 3 wines...all which were very good. The restaurant also had a complementary wine tasting on the front patio which was a surprise to us all... more free wine! :) We came back to Auleen's and mom packed while I helped make dinner. I also had a good chance to talk to Gerry about my plans for the whole Ph.D thing... and he said I'm on the right track. So far... my thesis is something like this...

How macroeconomic (international or national?) policy has historically affected small business enterprise and entrepreneurship today in the United States...

I don't have it clarified much beyond that. I know that's a really broad topic and that I need to work on it more...but its a start in a direction that I really am interested in. Plus it incorporates several topics/study areas that interest me... I will be meeting with a friend/former professor eventually to dicuss this more to find ways to make me even more marketable to professors and universities.

I realized once again how much I enjoy spending time with Auleen. There are parts of her I still just have to laugh off... because she such a control freak. *smile* But... I enjoyed seeing her and spending time with Gerry. Tomorrow we are on our way home. And I'm really glad that I'll be going home... I stil have a therapy apt and won't get home until late... but I'm ok with that. Wednesday I have no therapy apts but I leave work early to take Sue to see her mom. I have to get her there before her mom goes to bed at 7pm... so I'm thinking that leaving around 3:30 or 4:00 will suffice. Thursday & Friday I'm both in the office with a therapy visit to Chelsea in the middle of the day...Satruday morning is a StrideGlide event from 11-12:30 in some rural village between Grand Rapids & Lansing, followed immediately by a trip back to Owosso for Shayla & Erin's baby shower. Sunday is RCI and IKEA shopping.

And now I'm off to bed...seeing as I have to get up at 4:30am tomorrow ;)

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