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The past few weekends have been a whirlwind. Kate and I have not been home, alone, for the past 3 weeks, and keep in mind that for 2 out of the 3 weekends before that (in June) I was traveling to Texas or Connecticut. The last weekend in June, Kate and traveled to Seattle. We left Friday around 3 and returned Sunday evening. We visited Michaela and her family, went to Pikes Place and bought fish and scallops for our anniversary (July 3 = 1 year *grin*). I also found a suit for me to wear for interviews at Nordstrom and had it tailored and shipped back to Pullman. (600 miles)

The next weekend, (July 5-9) Nikki & Mark came to visit. That was both really awesome and exhausting. I've decided that dealing with other people's drama is not something I miss. But other than that, we had a blast. We hiked Kamiak Butte, went farming at Topsanna's farm, and hiked Palouse Falls. I actually put work away 98% of the time (I had to deal with students as needed) from Thursday afternoon to Monday afternoon. (275 miles)

Last weekend, we once again did the whirlwind drive vacation. Kate and I got off of work on Friday at 6:00pm. We packed and left Pullman by 7:30 and drove 8 hours to the Oregon County Fair (near Eugene). We arrived at 3:30 am and were up and at the fair by 7am. The OCF is basically a really big Rennesance Fair (think hippy and steam punk instead of Midieval and you got it) in the Oregon woods. It was very kewl to see but I think once is enough. The shops are awesome but it's so packed with people that it's simply overwhelming after awhile. Thankfully, Patrick (our landlord) had gotten us Worker Day passes so we were able to get in at 7 instead of 11 when the doors open and thus see much of gounds w/o the shoulder to shoulder people density.   

We left the fair at 3:30 and traveled to Florence, Oregon, a costal city (45 min west) to meet Patrick et al for dinner. Then we headed back east another 2.5 hours to car-camp near Cougar Hot Springs.  While we did nearly run out gas (yes I did it again... or nearly so) we found a campsite by luck which was w/in five miles a gas station. We arrived at late Dusk, around 9pm. So we crashed and got gas when the station opened that morning at 8am. 

After assuring Kate we were fine and not trapped in the middle of no where (and had gas) we went to Cougar Hot Springs near Three Sisters, Oregon. The Hot Springs were wonderful and a much needed point of relaxation. Finally, we headed to Bend to visit Deschutes Brewery, then headed home. (1100 miles)

So overall, (and not including my travels to TX and UConn) We traveled aproximately 2000 during the past 3 weekend. Next weekend the goal is to stay home, with the possibilty of going to Spokane for another suit for my interviews. And yes... the goal now is to rest. :)   I leave for Boston on August 2, then head to Michigan while I wait for "baby" to arrive.  By the end of August, I will have traveled to Texas, Connecticut, Seattle, Oregon, Massachussetts, and Michigan... (not including Idaho since that doesn't really count being only 8 miles away)    .... 6 states, 3 conferences, 2 visitors, and 1 trip home....
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Last week I made a last minute decision. I decided on Wedesday night that I was going home... and left Thursday evening. It was the best decision I could have made. I needed my family and friends. I needed intense socialization... And I got it. The travel fairies were with me and instead of arriving in DTW at 1pm, I was able to get a direct flight from Seattle and arrived at 6am. This involved a midnight phone call to Kate requesting a pickup within a few hours. (Kate had agreed to pick me up which allowed mom to still take patients.) Kate was actually gonna be working that day... but since Kate still works for mom... there is a lot of flexibilty in her schedule ;)  Friday a wonderful and calm start to my weekend... (barring the guy who attempted-and partially succeeded- in a killing spree that morning). I saw a movie and went out to eat with Mom, Dadra, and Kate, then played Keno at the Korner Pub.

Saturday was the BBQ of Doom sponsored by Nikki & Jim. We drove up the driveway and Nikki was so surpised to see me that she lept over the charcoal grill (which was on) and nearly tackled me to the ground. She was so excited... and it was such a beautiful welcome home.

The BBQ of Doom equates to tons of beer, late night wrestling, and extreme croquet. (Definition of extreme croquet? It starts on the roof of the garage and you have to get the ball through the wicket as it rolls over shingles and off the roof... it's kinda like plingo. The next wickets involve rolling the ball up a child's slide, over a mud pit, up a rug and over a wheel barrow... and let's not forget the "sprint around the house" part...basically.. it's a wonderful and crazy game). Casey came and hung out which was also really nice.

Sunday mom took (a barely awake) me to the airport and I was gone by 7am. It was a whirlwind... but truely an amazing one. I feel refreshed. I feel like I can not only do the work I need to do, but I can mentally comprehend it. I have a lot of work to do, but I believe that I can manage my time well and will do well this week. I feel like... I got a reboot.

And I needed it..


Nov. 9th, 2007 02:56 pm
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I am home... safe and sound. Had a delightful time. Also had a lot of time to simply think...which was much needed. Right now is the time of day where my brain is fuzzy and my fatigue high, esp with jet lag.  So the bigger posts will wait until later... 
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Arrived in Italy... Mom got locked in the bathroom ^grin^  but we are on our way. And the keyboards here are so wicked different ^smile^  We are off to Alba... then the Cinque Terre... and I am outtie!


Jul. 27th, 2007 04:38 pm
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And I just may have found the perfect dates to travel to Italy... oh my goodness... Yeah!

Home again

Jan. 8th, 2007 11:38 am
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I love my home. Jamaica was beautiful, but I love being home. I missed Erica. Had a wonderful time. Relaxed. Saw an 8-10 foot Nurse Shark while diving, along with a Sea Grape, a Sandray, and tons and tons of coral (particularly big vaselike purple hard spongie coral, and fish. We saw "the arches" and did a lot of "cavern" dives underneath huge rocks and overhangs. I also got mom to go snorkling and we saw some nifty spiney black things, some more Sandrays, squid (we think), some pointy nosed fish, lots of tropical fish and coral.

Scuba, the beach and spending time with mom was the highlight
Mosquito bites on my eyelid (that swelled my eye nearly shut for a day), getting approached constantly to buy stuff or by men wanting to marry american girls, and "Savior Complexed,' boastful and intrusive aides were the lowlight.
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Got back at 3am this morning. Erica drove all the way home. (I'm very proud of her - it was tough the last 2 hours.) Overall the trip was fantabulous. We also stayed within budget, mostly thanks to a $27/night hotel from Hotwire. Surprisingly, it wasn't in the ghetto! We stayed at Studio Suites about 10 miles outside of Saint Louis. They upgraded us to a delux for free and we ended up with a room with a Queen Bed, Sofa/Couch, and recliner. It also had a full (though small) kitchen, small bathroom and large closet. for less than $70 for two nights, it was amazing. I'm very happy with that leap of hotwire faith. :)

We left Thursday night/Friday morning at 1am and arrived at 9:30am. The hotel let us check in early which was awesome, and we headed out to find food while Steve crashed for a bit. We found this amazing little French Bistro with pastries that were beyond words, and had lunch. We took some of the pastries home to share, got Steve, and went to explore the Art Museum. Unbeknownst to us, the special exhibits are free on Fridays. So we were able to explore the whole museum. Love St. Louis! After the museum we headed out to a bar to see part of the Cardinals/Tigers game. We were there early and ended up leaving after the bottom of the first inning. Found out the next day that we lost... but there were a lot of Cardinals fans (red shirts) all over the place the whole weekend. We ended up crashing at 9:30pm.

Saturday we slept in and left the hotel around noon. We decided to hit the zoo and the city museum that day since the weather was amazingly beautiful(especially compared to Friday's constant rain and chills). The zoo had great exhibits. The Pengins were so close you could touch them, the Puma stalked a little girl, and Steve freaked out when the monkeys played with themselves. I took them to Sasha's Wine Bar that Mom and I visited last time we were there. I had a glass of Pinot Noir that was to die for. Erica and I also got the "world tour" of cheese to share and we had 3 crepes (the chocolate with Grand Marnier, Prochuto and cheese, and the apple, brie, and chutney). The Prochuto was the best, other than the world cheese. We hit the city museum and had a blast. My knees are still sore from all the crawling. JJ conquered his fear of heights when we all climbed through a metel slinky 6 stories high. My fears were definetely there, but I forced myself just to go with it. Wow. We got lost in the caves (I found our way out) :) Dadra & Steve found a secret (off-limits) area that had lots of lifevests hanging from the ceiling, and I finally was able to explore the outside area that was closed due to rain last time I was there. The neat thing is that I've still not seen it all! I explored areas I'd never seen and know there is much more see when we go again. After the museum, I drove the arch. Except that I missed the exit and freaked Erica/JJ/Steve out with a few quick turns and Dadra & My planned "emergency stop" (while screaming of course) which was rewarded with screams from the back seat. It was one of our best ones since high school. I found the arch and Erica and I "bocked" to nullify a bet. And then we decided to head back to the hotel. We skipped the bar thing which was good I think. We'd done so much that eve though it was THE night to go out (with the time change and all) we bailed. We ended up watching the Rocky Horror Picture Show and playing the "Pirates" Life game that Erica and I got for Dadra. It is so much better than traditional Life. I think we crashed around 3 or 4am.

Sunday we ventured to the Science Museum (leaving the hotel at 11am) and roamed around a bit. I found the stuff on the "X Prize" really interesting. I guess St. Louis is really into science/space/aviation, which I didn't know. Dadra, JJ & I tried to assemble and arch out of big puffy blocked and never really got it to stay up. But it was fun trying. We hit the zoo one more time so Erica could make a build-a-bear. She decided on the Tiger and called him Sparky... then dressed him in a Cardinals t-shirt. Yes, she's definitely one for ironey.

We left the city, stopping for icecream on the way, and got home at 3am. It was a great trip and I think we all will have many memories (and pictures!) from this one. :)
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I am currently on the computer at the Saint Louis Science Museum! :) wOOt *bounce* The trip has been fabulous and I have much to tell. ;) But most of that must wait... So far we've adventured to the zoo, the City Museum (WOW), and art museum, and the arch. It's been a blast. :) Yeah!!!!
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Boston was great. We arrived in the early evening Sunday and hung out with Mel & Lisa. We both crashed early as we'd only had about 4 hours of sleep during the drive. I also had to get up at 6am to work with Igor by 7. Boston's Dunkin Donuts Coffee is amazing. Nothing, not even Michigan's coffee compares. I'll just say that. Monday I worked with Igor until 3:00 and learnt a bunch of new stuff (that I have to show mom & carrie.) I was done much earlier than I'd expected and was able to join Mel, Lisa & Erica for Dinner. Erica went with Lisa to the New England Fine Art Museum which Erica really enjoyed. It was really nice because Lisa took Monday & Tuesday off work and Mel was able to get Tuesday off. I was really surprised that they both offered that, but it was really nice. Erica & Lisa got along really well which was also really kewl. Mel drove us all around boston, showing me the changes and introducing Erica a bit more to the city.

Tuesday I was done by noon and we all drove to Rockport. Yeah! Rockport was like my place of solace and grounding when I lived in Boston. It was away from the chaos of the city, peaceful, artsy and touristy only during the summer. There's some element of "home" (like there is for Avalon) there. We then tried and failed to find a LuvSac for Erica to see. They must have closed down several of the stores because we tried to malls. Dinner was... not too good. We all felt a bit nausious afterwords and Erica couldn't eat hers. Yes, Legal Sea Foods failed us. But it didn't take away from the trip at all. Erica wanted to get on the road that night so she'd be able to spend more time at home. (Understandable since she'd barely been to the house since we bought it.) So we left at around 12/12:30am and Erica drove through the night till 6:30am. I knew that I couldn't drive. After driving nearly the whole way there, then working with Igor and getting up at 6am, I knew there was no way I could drive again without sleep. But Erica did it. I was kinda impressed actually. So I drove the rest of the way through NY and Canada and then switched again in Port Huron. We stopped by her mom's to get Erica's car and made our way home again.

I went to bed at 6:00pm and woke up at 7:30am. I SO needed the rest. It was a great trip, and was really nice to see Mel again. I wanna do that again sometime and spend more time on a weekend visiting the city and Mel/Lisa.

OH! and I nearly forgot to mention. I'm now number 16 in the country of "Master Level Burdenko Instructors". wOOt! Go Me! :)


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