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Mar. 28th, 2007 09:57 am
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I got home last night at around 2am. Not being very tired, I unpacked and reviewed the changes to the house. It looks very nice. Everything is in a different place, but that's because they cleaned all the shelves in the kitchen and basically everything else. It's amazingly clean... and being that it's different, it's good. Coming home to how we left it would have actually been harder... Seeing everything... the way we left it... would have made it hard to handle.

So the change is good. Odd but good. *shrug*
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Friday we drove through the day and crashed at the Days Inn. Frankie (the cat) has been hell and neither one of us have slept for two nights due to his meowing. SOOOO glad I'm getting rid of that cat! China was awesome. She kept putting her head on the passengers shoulder when we were driving and was just adorable. I will definitly miss her.

Saturday we arrived at the apt around 1am. We actually only took an hour to unpack the car and went off on a search for a futon. We found a great futon mattress and got that for the night. We decided to wait on the frame for a few months since Erica is fine sleeping on the floor for awhile. We went shopping at Target, Lowes and Wal-Mart for a ton of necessities that we needed (alarm clock, step ladder, laundry detergent, etc). We also found a store called "The Dump" and got a really nice desk for Erica's spare room/office, then headed back home for the night. We got the car unloaded (again) and got the mattress set up. The cat was hell, again. Even Erica wanted to kill him. We finally moved the mattress into another room, and shut the door, and miraculously, the cat shut up. It was... a surprising relief. But we didn't sleep. Again.

Sunday (today) we got out of bed around 10:30. I was awake for awhile but didn't want to get up. We took the dog out on a walk (she's still quite hyper but overall doing amazingly well!), found food, and went shopping again to find a table for Erica. We had to go back to "The Dump" to pick up the desk, and also found a really nice (all wood) table for $99. That was great. We're going to get some chairs at a thrift store and call it good. We also got a chair for erica's office/desk and a wireless router. We target again, (its so much better than wal-mart... as Erica said.. you get a true Wal-Mart experience here.... it's kinda like pergatory or something...) and grabbed a few more misc. things. Homeward bound, I put together the desk and table while Erica unpacked. I've really not helped with the unpacking since she really need to know where most things go... and if I help... tend to just... "do". So it's better this way. The desk looks great and I only screwed up one thing which is barely noticeable. ;) Tonight is pretty much movies and crashing...

Tomorrow is one more day of shopping for chairs and maybe find some jeans since I only brought one pair and we found a cheap outlet. We're looking at doing coffee in the morning and there's a seafood dinner place I think we'll do this evening. Tuesday we're looking at traveling to Virginia Beach for something new.

The trip has been good. It's odd, setting up Erica in a new place. A new home. The seperation feels weird. I'm truely helping her create her own place... even though I'm still part of that place. I know this is good. And it's not horribly hard. Emotions are more mild. I think they will get more intense as the time for me to leave draws closer. I do both dread and look forward the change.

Mom apparently has been trying to help that change... she and Nora and David cleaned our house yesterday. Throughly. I guess it was kinda bad... not surpising seeing everything has has been going on. It will be really nice to come home to a clean house. She also got rid of the green couch and gave us her futon... It odd, because I really appreciate all she does. but I do wish she would consult me (and Erica) before she makes a major change to my house... like getting rid of my furniture. I know her intent was good, but I also know I need to address this later. And it's so not later right now.


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