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Well, after nearly 3 weeks with no internet, I finally am settled in my room and have internet access once again. I have much to do and catch up on...

I traveled cross country in a Penske truck and officially have moved to the west coast. I love my dorm.... I love that it's mine... all mine... and only mine... I have a safe place... one that I love and feel comfortable in. I have keys to my building, an office space that I share with 2 other Phd students, and I've been managing my way around campus quite well. My orientations went really well and included a TON of info (like free printing in the graduate study area!) and useful tools for when I TA. I am not yet assigned to any prof for my TAing but I'm not worried. I bought a few of the books for classes and basically have the rest of the week free to finish decorating and organizing my dorm room, taking care of administrative details, and learning the public transit system.

The trip out here was good, but long... possibly too long. But I did get to do and see things I may never had had the chance to do... We stayed in the UT Arches National Park... I played in salt lakes and on a salt field... I saw crater lake oregon... stopped at wineries in oregon and washington... saw the highest suspension bridge in the world (across a gorge) and may other random and little things...

The worst part of the trip was that Malcolm didn't make it... he died in Oregon... He nearly made it... *sigh* It was simply too stressful for him... the bumps (physically being jostled about) and the smaller cage... and I think the temperature changes were just too much... *sigh* that sucked.  I currently have his cage partiallly set up... maybe I'm hoping to sometime get a new one... I don't know...

Nao and I had a few rough patches. Everything is not fine, but she knows how to make it right. We'll simply see how it goes. All in all, I can say that I'm really happy to have my own space... and the trip, and the time with her, actually helped me distance myself more and will allow me to focus on school. I know the amount of space I need from her (which is actually a lot compared to past situations and relationships, but I think it's simply healthy for me to know this) . I still choose to be with her but I'm glad for the time away... the space both allows us time (maybe it's even more for me than her) and allows me to focus and create my own life here. I would have it, and allow it no other way. Funny how hard... even harsh that sounds... but I am content with that and know that I am doing the right thing for me. Its... kinda nice to do that for once *smile* I think I like it... and even better... I know I can keep it up. *smile* 


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