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It was a very good, and very intersting weekend.
Friday Erica and I went to A2 for her apt with Dr. Sickles and then to IKEA. We'd never seen it before and while it was interesting, it was a bit overwhelming. There are certain things I would love to incorporate, like book shelves and even the couches, but mostly it's not "house" stuff in my opinion. Great stuff for lofts and apartments which means we'll likely do a lot of shoping there for Erica's apartment, when we find out where she'll end up. So far, the detroit job is the most likely. Though we're hoping for Howell, since that's the only one where she can actually commute.

Saturday was a mixture of complete hell and lots of pleasure. We left Owosso later than we'd wanted due to last minute calls to bring extra tax info (that we didn't end up needing!) from E's mom. That lead down the path of driving Erica a bit nuts so I said I'd deal with her... E's mom has TurboTax, and since it was going to cost us $140 to do our taxes individually, and her mom has the program for free... well. We can afford free. So while biting through my lip, I dealt. And OMG did it suck. I will never do it again. Though thankfully, I don't think we'll be as tight next year. In the end, we're getting tons back. Which is awesome and muchly needed. Esp if we're looking at needing a security deposit. After taxes were completed, 3.5 hours later, we went to Royal Oak to meet Nicole. After switching parking lots twice, we ended up behind Comos. Dinner (pizza) at Comos was mostly uneventful sans the (older not so pretty) waitress called nicole "darling". I was slightly spastic and dragged everyone to 'the gay store' in Ferndale, which had lots of naked men (pictures of). We found a coffee shop and killed some time talking (and of course flirting) when I got a call from Couchman who was a few doors down having a drink with his gf Sue and some friends. We packed up, (Nicole changed into her black coat and heels) and trugged up the steet, only to find the bar where Couchman was, very packed. So we decided to hit the venue early. The Magic Bag was the location of the CD release party couch had recommended and the reason we were in Royal Oak. The Magic Bag was, to say the least, odd. It was an old movie theatre turned bar. We got there, and managed to get a table. It was quite packed and the three of us ended up a bit "squiched". The "god family" ended up sitting behind us. It was the grand parents, parents, cousins, etc of the girl releasing the CD, Silent Violet. Nicole's person space bubble kept getting violated. As she stated, "she got more ass that night than she ever wanted!" There were two openers... the first one, was a whailing cat. Not only that, but the guy played a guitar while the other played something like an abucus. No seriously, the cat would have been better. John Mayer wannabes must die. The second performer had a great start. But then he slowly turned into country music... WTF??? So that didn't go so hot either. Finally the girl we were there to see sang. She was a much like "Evanescence" though she did a neat thing with Apple and had her own music video behind her. We left after 5 songs and drove home. All in all, I'm very a happy with the evening.


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