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I haven't been in my office all week...nor will I be for the rest of it. Likely, next week will have at least a little office time...though it will be scant. I have been traveling and testing a biofeedback system... a friend called me biofeedback girl and was discussing my costume. Personally I want a lime green cape. But I'm not picky ;)

Life is thus quite the busy... and it's nice while I am in the waiting game. So far not rejections and I'm hoping I made it past the first set of cuts.
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Ok...since I know I'm not gonna have a moment to do this later when I actually get home, I realized I should update tonight at my Aunt's house.

Friday we flew out of Detroit at 10:20 am and had a pretty smooth flight out to Raleigh. Dawn, the organizer, picked us up at the airport. She was quite nice, as she's saved us the cost to rent a car, even though Greenville had an airport but we chose to fly to Raleigh. (She even offered to take us to Greensboro, two hours (RT) out of her way above & beyond the hours' drive to Raleigh.) We met Susan, who was our other contact and had inititated the process for us to come to Greenville. We basically met briefly and got our equipment set (we had 4 *large* bags). We were then directed across the street to our hotel. :)

It was honestly THE easiest seminar we've ever done. I was amazed at how easy and hospital they were. Dawn took charge of All the logistics and made life amazingly easy. I was beyond myself because I'm so used to doing all the organisation AND the seminar. Dawn took care of everything from supplying the projector, copying all the material for the seminar and assembling packets and providing the certificates at the end. Plus, the attendees were awesome. They all wanted to be there and were so excited about the program and method. We couldn't get them enough information on the first day. The second day I think we wiped them out a bit, but it was still really good. Overall, I think it went really well and people were very happy and satisfied with the program. Mom and I did really well with the energy but nearly collapsed around 8pm.

We found a wonderful place to eat on Friday and had an Amazing Dinner at an Italian place and had 2 glasses of wine each...all were different and wonderful! Saturday dinner (pizza & beer) and Sunday lunch (pasta & a coffee drink) were also at the same place. We never explored beyond that one place, but neither of us really felt the need to, since we both loved it. We share the mentality that if you find a really wonderful place and have *very* limited time (nor other appealing options) why change a good thing. We were happy with our decision.

Sunday night we drove back to Raleigh, curtesy of Dawn and rented a car to drive to Greensboro. We were both so completely brain dead and tired by the time we got there. Auleen & Gerry had wine awaiting us, along with cheese, hummus, soy & rice cake crackers, olives and a mozzarella/tomato/basil dish awaiting us when we arrived at 9pm. It was so wonderful. Auleen is an amazing hostess.

Monday we relaxed in the morning and then went for a long walk in the wood near a lake. It was really isolated and the trees here are taller than I've ever seen... Literally twice as tall as trees in Michigan... Just beautiful woods. We then drove around and saw some of the downtown area (really cute) and then hit RCI for a moment to check out the bags. We didn't get any, but it was good cause mom & I were able to try them all and make decisions on which ones we would consider. I'm still planning on going back in Michigan to get a day pack, and to look at clothes and more shoes. We went to a wine restaurant and all had a flight of 3 wines...all which were very good. The restaurant also had a complementary wine tasting on the front patio which was a surprise to us all... more free wine! :) We came back to Auleen's and mom packed while I helped make dinner. I also had a good chance to talk to Gerry about my plans for the whole Ph.D thing... and he said I'm on the right track. So far... my thesis is something like this...

How macroeconomic (international or national?) policy has historically affected small business enterprise and entrepreneurship today in the United States...

I don't have it clarified much beyond that. I know that's a really broad topic and that I need to work on it more...but its a start in a direction that I really am interested in. Plus it incorporates several topics/study areas that interest me... I will be meeting with a friend/former professor eventually to dicuss this more to find ways to make me even more marketable to professors and universities.

I realized once again how much I enjoy spending time with Auleen. There are parts of her I still just have to laugh off... because she such a control freak. *smile* But... I enjoyed seeing her and spending time with Gerry. Tomorrow we are on our way home. And I'm really glad that I'll be going home... I stil have a therapy apt and won't get home until late... but I'm ok with that. Wednesday I have no therapy apts but I leave work early to take Sue to see her mom. I have to get her there before her mom goes to bed at 7pm... so I'm thinking that leaving around 3:30 or 4:00 will suffice. Thursday & Friday I'm both in the office with a therapy visit to Chelsea in the middle of the day...Satruday morning is a StrideGlide event from 11-12:30 in some rural village between Grand Rapids & Lansing, followed immediately by a trip back to Owosso for Shayla & Erin's baby shower. Sunday is RCI and IKEA shopping.

And now I'm off to bed...seeing as I have to get up at 4:30am tomorrow ;)

counter statistics

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  • Am in North Carolina...the weather is really nice in  the 50's at night and mid 70's during the day.
  • The seminar is going really well.  I think people are enjoying it and learning a lot.
  • Found an AMAZING Italian place to eat and had great wine & pasta on Friday and wonderful Biter Beher & Pizza last night.
  • My energy is ok. I've been pushing through the days and collapsing at night. But I slept a lot last night so I'm hoping to day ends with a bit less fatigue
  • Read the first book Terry Brooks new series and of course want to now buy the hardcover new release of the next book... *resist!*
  • Going to see Auleen (my aunt) tonight after the seminar.
  • Got a call from Mel who asked me for a favor, I'll be taking Sue (Mel's mom) to visit her her mom who is in hospice. Her mom is handicapped and has no way to get there so I'll be taking her.
  • Get home and hit the  ground running... *sigh*
  • Still want to be sick on Wednesday. But I know I won't... *le sigh*
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This week has been crazy exhausting... and while there is still no end in sight I'm doing ok.  Professionally, things are going very well. Personally things are going pretty well. Socially things are ok. Sistrum is not fun. 

Work has been kicking my ass this week as I've been preparing for the seminar this weekend, and had to do a one-on-one certification (typically a 20 hour seminar).  I've been working or traveling a TON and my emotional exhaustion is showing a bit. Or... showed a bit. Monday was decent but a very high stress work day. Sistrum was ok, but the food made my stomach ill and I was having problems breathing for some reason...  Tuesday was a 15 hour day that included 5 hours of travel for therapy, plus 3 hours of training from 6pm-9pm, followed by a meeting with mom that was 1/2 business, 1/2 just a nice visit. Wednesday was 10 hours of intense training, followed by a 2.5 hours Sistrum Board meeting. Today, was 8 hours of training, including an aquatic therapy apt, and I'm back at the office, checking email for the first time since Monday, and I have to pack and leave on a plane for North Carolina tomorrow at 10am out of Detroit... The seminar is Satruday & Sunday... Monday mom & I have off to visit my aunt... we return Tuesday morning... and I immediately head to Toledo to do another therapy session... Wednesday/Thursday/Friday... I may have another therapy apt to schedule at least two, if not all three of those days...

Is it sad that I'm actually hoping to get sick on Wednesday so I can have a day off?  

I'm doing mostly ok. Mostly.


Oct. 5th, 2007 08:53 am
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Busy is about all I can say about this week...and the next few weeks. I'm getting my ass kicked, and the kicking will continue. But it's not a bad thing. My goal is to: 1) not get sick, 2) get my video work done this weekend, 3) prepare for the personal BCP next week, 4) prepare for the NC seminar this weekend and Monday. 5) not get sick ;)

This does entail ignoring the house again... I was going to work on it a bit this weekend, but I know I just don't have the time or energy to do so. So once again, the house is ignored. But I have no guilt. :) 

My video work is paying off. I'll get paid for the last gig, and for the next. I do have the wedding to work on, but that is a lower priority, though I still should make headway this weekend. 

Ok... off to work. ;)
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Another thing I didn't get a chance to mention on Saturday was that after the mini concert (which was singing in a gymnasium, ick!) I stopped by Schulers to see Maria sing. Unfortunately she wasn't singing for awhile so I had to miss it. But I was able to wish her good luck which was nice. ;)  I then met Mom, Casey & Lindsay for Sushi. nummy!  And we walked around the art fair. I got a little sun but thankfully didn't burn. 

Sunday I slept in late... and didn't get out of bed until after noon. That is SO rare it's beyond me. But I wasn't sleeping the whole time... I actually woke up at 10:30. but I've been spending a lot of time in bed lately.. just thinking. The morning has become, like my thinking time... when I just reflect on everything going on in my life, think about different scenarios, and just settle in for the day.  It's nice and I like the time. So I spent much of my morning "thinking" and later read a bit.  After finally crawling out of bed after my mom called and offered me lunch, I went over to her house. 

We had a new evaluation at 3 in Flint. The eval went well, I think. I'll do be editting the video tomorrow.  It was interesting because the guy is 23 and is an incomplete C3-C5... but he presents even more involved than he is. But when you get him in the water, he has more movement than you would expect. Unfortunatly, his upper body is really weak so we have to help remedy that immediatly. He comes off as cocky, but there is a lot of fear there... I need to be able to push him, yet make him feel secure when I work with him. 

After the eval, I had softball practice. Only 8 of us where there so it was a short practice. After practice, I hung out at wired for awhile and finished my book. ;) Yeah for Lazy Sunday.
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I have a debate... 
Basically, several years ago, my mom purchased several degree programs from Clayton College of Natural Health. She purchased several degrees that she could start at anytime but had to complete in 5 years. Well, she never started them and gave me the option to transfer the program over to me. 

So, I have the option of getting a degree through my company. The degree will be in some sort of natural health field. My options and interests are in Natural Health or Naturopathy. But the debate is the level of degree.

I can get a Masters in Natural Health, Doctor of Naturopathy, or Doctor of Philosophy in either Nat. Health or Trad. Naturopathy...

So Masters... Ph.D. or  Doctor... I could actually practice as a homopathic doctor if I chose either the Ph.D or the Doctor... And with the Ph.D I could also write grants. The neat thing is that I'm not locked into one location and could be anywhere to complete my studies. That I like. The Masters program is also appealing because I don't want to feel over-educated... I tend to intimidate myself... I get nervous about my level of abilty or education if I don't feel qualified.

Like in Judo... technically I'm a brown belt... which makes people react like "oh wow" which totally makes me feel like a hippocrite... (even though I'm also complemented).  I don't want to feel the same way about my education. There are certain areas I have a lot of confidence... business... (esp writing i.e. business plans and proposals, meetings, etc), presenations (public speaking is easy and I tend to do really well, esp as a team with mom), and I'm good in therapy. I know water... aquatics... hell I can take anyone, of almost any level of abilty (and we're talking up to C3 spinal cord injuries!), and know that they will be safe with me in the water and know I can help them. Even personal training I'm good at...  but I've had years in those fields...  

I worry about feeling "over qualified" and I also worry about what I want... I do want to continue my education, and ultimately, I know I want to teach. But while a Doctor of Naturopathy would allow me to have really kewl toys... I'm not sure I want to do that everyday... I'm sure I probally don't... and I don't want a degree to just have a degree. I have that already. So I guess... the choice is between the Ph.D. and Master's program... and since I need a Master to get into the Ph.D... I guess the Master's Program is a good start.

*smile*  I am such an external processor.

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Today I woke up to a phone call and was at the office within 10 minutes... yeah... next time I have a 7am meeting, it's good to set your alarm. I'm going home at lunch to shower.  Thankfully I was only 10 min late, and have a lot of flexibility since the meeting was just with my mom.  So all is well.  I have to place an order for Metagenics (related to the conference on Satruday) and at least know what I'm doing today.... yesterday was kinda non-productive...

I also got a call from Erica yesterday... it was a in a panic over an incident with China. And she was well within her rights to call, and I'm glad she did. What we will do with China is up in the air. Hopefully nothing will happen, but there is a chance I may have to come and take the dog. I'm not thrilled about this prospect... actually, I'm *anti-thrilled*.  I really don't want the responsibilty of China. But I may not have a choice. *le sigh*  So, atm, I'm just hoping that nothing changes. 

In addition to showering over lunch, I have to go to Dunham's to buy a softball glove.  Though I did find clothes which are cute and will totally suffice. :)   After Softball, it's immediately off to an informal (thank gods) business meeting in Owosso. 


Apr. 21st, 2007 11:12 pm
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Today I went to a conferent for Metagenics... "The Neurobiology of Mood and Cognitive Disorders" by Jay Lombard, DO. It was interesting, but really really technical. You could tell he was used to talking to other doctors and this audience was mixed... thank gods I actually have a clue... but wow was it technical!  I learned about my personal deficites and a lot about a lot of other deficites too. Everything from Seratonin, Dopamine, Melatonin, and Acetycholine. So basically... i know lots about how to help sleep disorders, cognative disorders, and other neurotransmitter imbalances... kinda nifty. :)
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Today is my first day at my BRAND NEW computer. I have a ton of stuff to install, but it's exciting! My screen is huge and my eyes are much the happier to not have to squint anymore.
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My new computer is currently being installed in my office! Geep! *totally beyond excited* This means I won't have to wait a minute (literally) every time I open new program, and my computer won't freeze 12x a day. Yeah! Larry, our computer guy, is currently making it happen. PLUS I have a brand new monitor! It's a 20" screeen that looks amazing! I'm a total geek right now and a complete size queen!

Yesterday I was my first practice with the Eastside Softball Team. I knew I wanted infield and when asked what I'd played, I suggested Catcher. That went over *really* well as the girl who played it, Chris, did well but didn't really like to do it. So now I'm Catcher and she's backup. :) Wheee! That makes me happy. I realized today that my ass is going to get a bit of a workout with all the up down... I'm actually glad about that. :) People were concerned about my knees but they were great. I think had this been 6 months ago, it would be a different story, but my knees are doing fabulous. And softball is actually a workout. Another bonus. :)

I need to work on my hitting... I've never played Slow-Pitch so hitting and catching is an entirely different world. But I'm going to play with Casey and maybe even Leah once in awhile. Leah's practice is fast-pitch but I can join them even for a workout. So that's a nice option. I really need to work on catching grounders... that I suck at. And again...catching slow-pitch is SO different! But I think I was good enough not to get kicked off the team. :) I need to get a new glove... Tonya (from Sistrum) said she may have a spare which I could use for the season. That would be great for now. I also have to get clothes that will work... All of my workout clothes are "presentation" clothes. (Aka, cute and typically pink) I didn't think a pink workout outfit would get me taken too seriously... and with the whole catcher thing, I'm going to be on my knees contstantly so darker will be better. So now I can go get a really cute (but not pink) outfit to practice. :)

I sent China some "child support" this morning. Along with a letter to Erica that I wrote last night. It's very hard not talking to her. Because she's the first person I want to call to tell about my day. But I can't. And shouldn't. So, since we'd agreed to write... I did that. Sadly enough I still cried while writing. But it's better than talking. And I think this seperation is good. We need to get past the constant crying stage.
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Mom and I are on much better terms. We talked yesterday morning and she made the comment that one reason she feels the need for me to take the week off is that she needs time to just be... my mom. Not my boss. We both need the seperation of work and mom/daughter relationships. And so, I'll prolly see her next week... talk to her... but it won't be about business. (Though I do have some doubt if we can keep it entirely social... we both do suck at that. But a concerted effort will be made. And not being at the office will help a lot!) I think this is a very good move. I feel good about it. I feel good in general. I feel like I'm actually moving in a good direction. A more stable one.

And today I'm going to take care of some house things... (order more mini blinds, do laundry, watch a movie at home), and then maybe do something with Dadra. It's amazing to me... because it all started with the realization that I needed to go to Avalon. I know I keep talking about it... but damn has it helped! And it's so hard to explain what a place like this means to me. So maybe, I'll just go with it... and stop trying to explain.

On another note, I had big surprise yesterday when I got an email from Katie Hurley. Wow! Her timing is good and I hope she is well. I think she was injured quite severely and is finally able to start work again. She is an amazing person and I truely hope we can work with her more in the future. It's funny because before mom and I talked, everything in business was at a stand-still. Nothing was happening. (Hence all the time to chat.) But after we talked, Mom got several phone calles... more that day than she had the past two weeks. Then, yesterday, I hear from Katie. Amazing how energy works... when it's blocked... the universe seems to know it... and when it opens... it all opens. :)

The neat thing about all this, in regards to the company formation, is that a team of Treadwell, Mom and Katie would be ideal to form EuroKur. I officially turned down the option to be an owner. Beyond everything else, I just don't think I fit. And I think that the three of them... could. That would be an exciting combination.


Apr. 3rd, 2007 03:07 pm
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Well, I made one decision. I've decided that I'm not going to become a member of the EuroKur LLC.  I hate having to come to  that decision, but it's what I need to do. I also resent the fact that I can't take the offer, but in order for me to keep my life my own... and in my control. I'm turning that down. I know this will be a hard conversation. Espeically since mom is going to fight and argue that decision. But it's what is best for me. So I'm going with it.

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the ppm isn't done. the spa consultant is unreachable, possibly in the hospital. Nikki is on the downside of the hill... (personally I hope they put her down soon. it's really too hard on her.) i have a severe deadline to raise funds which could kill me. meeting will abound (i hope) the next few weeks. sistrum is... stressful. i've decided not to sing in march. too much goings on. I'm hoping to meet Meredith next week to discuss this. (So if any sistrum folk read this, please don't mention this factor to anyone.) Erica is staying in a hotel tonight, preparing for her interviews tomorrow (west olive and howell/detroit). tomorrow is V-day... i hope to do something nice but have no idea what. I just don't want to be the stress monkey I am.
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I am literally struggling to find things to do right now. Everything I need is out of my hands, and has been for a week. You think I would enjoy this, but it's hell waiting on other people. There's SO much to be done and yet her I sit typing in my LJ! *frustration*

*deep breath* ok, so I'm going to run home, get my dog so that Nikki will eat more (she responds well to competition), get paychecks, drop of mail, and deposit my check. *mental note* don't forget a bone for China. Ok. That's the plan. For now.
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I am getting really really frustrated with the lack of communication! I was supposed to have a document COMPLETED last week. BUT due our consultant having a personal/family crisis, there was a delay. Ok, no problem. Was COMPLETELY understanding. HOWEVER, now that it's Thursday of the next week, I need my damn PPM with the financial back!!!! HELLO! I've called 2-3 per day for three days. I've sent emails. No com com... I'm at a dead stop in my office. I need this document and for some reason, don't have it in my in box. I'm just getting really annoyed as I don't understand this incompetance. This is just not like her....
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since I last updated... though I don't think actual reality would agree. But anyways, here goes.

Erica has been slamming out resumes. Yesterday, while I was at Sistrum, she got nearly 15 out the door. Nice! The weekend was good. Erica and I got some basics done on the house and spent Sunday cooking for the superbowl. We made some awesome food. (Just didn't realize it would take 4 hours.) Erica blaims Nicole. *grin* We made jalapeno poppers from scratch, and a chinese pasta/wonton thingie with mushrooms and cabbage. Both were amazing! Jess made yummie egg/potato snacks and Nicole and Kate had shrimp diet pop with splenda, and other muchies. ALL of it was ww friendly. :) wOOt! We watch the superbowl game. T'was fun just hanging out. Though I have to admit, I think puppy bowl was just as exciting.

This week is field research week! What does field research include???? LOTS of massage! I get to go lots of place and get different massages to see other facilites. How cushie is that! It totally makes up for the fact that I'm at work at 6am...

In other news, my car is dead so I have to take the suburban into Lansing for my 8am massage. :\ Oh well. At least there's a car I can use in a pinch. Bit tired today (reasons being obvious).

Work Ahoy

Jan. 15th, 2007 09:27 am
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Yesterday Mom & I had a phone conference with our spa consultant. Basically, for the next 30 days I'm going to be working my arse off. We just put her on a 30 day retainer to help us get the project off the ground. She's basically a "spa coach" to me and she'll also come to Mich-land for a meeting with a potential joint venture on the project.

I'm actually excited to be immersed in work for awhile. I've been rather bored lately and a lot of "lost". Yeah to intensity!


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