May. 1st, 2007 10:34 am
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I finally went back to a meeting this morning... it was perfect timing since they are changing the payment system... plus... the topic was relevent... teh Enviroment-Behaviors-Capabilities-Beliefs-Identity target... 

I've been kinda, well, not even kinda... struggling with weight. And I'm loosing. But I'm supposed to eat at least 21 or 20 points per day, and yesterday I only managed 12. I guess, at least I'm keeping track. I know awarness is 1/2 the battle... I'm also less than 15 pounds away from my goal weight. That's just... wow.  Granted I still want to keep loosing after my goal weight (because ww goal is different than mine... but the meetings are free after I reach 'goal').  But I've been worried about loosing... I lost nearly 5 pounds in the past 1.5 weeks... That's not unreasonable.. and no one questioned. (In fact I got congratulations.) But I know... and I'm concerned.  And while I want to be proud of loosing, I know I need to be aware of it. 

And I am...  So one change I'm making today is just to do an UltraMeal from Metagenics in the morning... that way I get some form of nutrition in the morning and it's like 2 points or something... Plus coffee.  At least that is one change I can make. That way I'm eatting.  Lunch today is Miso soup.  (1 point) I know it's not much... but it is what I can do. I'll probablly do pretzles or fruit for a snack or with lunch. We'll see.  I do have a meeting at P.F. Cheng's at 3 and there may be food involved.... that could be Dinner... I dunno. I have softball today so I know I need to eat enough to not pass out. I should be good with what I'm eatting and may grab something later, after practice.  In some ways, I doubt I will... but I hope to. And after practice is often easier to eat than before. We'll see. If I eat at P.F. Chengs I should be good. 

Why is food so difficult... this has never been my issue. Granted I'm glad I'm not over eatting, but I know undereatting is just as bad. And I know I need to work on being 'healthy'.  It's just not that easy...

Emotinally I'm doing well and feeling pretty good. My roller coaster has finally stopped flipping and going 100 miles a minute. So that is good... One step at a time.

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Yesterday I had a moment, when I stopped, looked in the mirror and just realized how far I'd come. It's amazing how good one can look and feel externally, while being quite the opposite internally.  But nonetheless, it made me really proud to realize that I finally am getting comfortable with myself physically. And I found some pictures that I wanted to post... mostly just to remind me of that... So these are from the past 4 months

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Mar. 18th, 2007 04:55 pm
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One thing Erica and I had wanted to do before we moved was to get her and I some new clothes. Her for work, me, so they fit. We hit Ann Taylor in EL on the way home from Boyne. I was really nervous because a few months ago, I couldn't even fit into their largest size comfortably (16). Today I walked away with three new pairs of pants... two size 12 and one size 10!!! I'm honestly still not believing it. (I have a whole conspiracy theory about the stores increasing sizes to make women feel better...I think there is even research to support this)... but maybe (maybe) it's time to actually believe it when someone calls me "little". Now I just need to stay on this band wagon... and I think I can.



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